K-9 Dogs Available For Protection

Adult k-9 Protection Dogs


proection dog training

We have began basic personal training on the dogs listed below. These dogs are social friendly with their owners but are being trained to react in the event protection is needed and can change their stature quickly when necessary.



Bella Rigazza 

2 1/2 years old

Price = Her price will depend upon the level of training you desire, please contact us for any question by email.

canecorsotrainer @ hushmail.com

Bella is in her first month of protection training, she is learning how to guard objects and how to respond to threats in an organized and effective manner. Bella is a very friendly dog and obedient, this display will change when needed.

A video of Bella in the park with our son.



San Rocco’s Sono Di Bari

After her second litter of pups she will continue her training for protection, this is where her talent lies and she is one of the best protection dogs we have produced. (Expected to be available after 4/20/2020) Sono’s grandfather was an IPO trained male as was her Father Damiano. Her drive is perfect for protection training.

Basic Bite, and Guard training is available, 3 sessions with new owner must be included to progress in IPO basic training.


canecorsotrainer @ hushmail.com




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