Training and Boarding


Cane Corso Training and Boarding 

"If someone told me 10 years ago that we would have this many Cane Corsos I would have laughed. 
I was only planning on getting one Cane Corso, however a cane corso is like a good Cannoli you 
can't have just one.Now we have literally moved for our Cane Corsos  

If you have to train and board your Cane Corso you may find it is not easy to find a kennel to board as well as train your dog. Many training  facilities feel they are too powerful and do not understand how to control this powerful breed. We are now able to offer many different services to help our Cane Corso families one being Cane Corso Dog Training. We also provide temperament testing for your Cane Corso.

There have been many times when owners of San Rocco Cane Corso offspring would ask us if we can train their dogs for a few days or a few weeks, and at our home we had to decline because of the space as well as the zoning laws. 

At San Rocco Cane Corso  we always strive to accommodate our clients, because of our recent move to 22 acres we are happy to announce we can now board your Cane Corso. We will provide indoor boarding in our Doggy cottage specially setup for our pets. We will only board 3-5 Cane Corsos at a time.

large breed puppy


Boarding & Training

We now offer various different training packages for your Cane Corso. We are able to provide Canine Protection training as well as basic obedience training. We provide CGC testing (AKC Evaluator) and are a certified service dog tester. 

After completion of one of evaluation training courses, canines may be eligible for boarding and training. This option allows canines to continue training on learned skills in a more familiar and comfortable environment. While boarding, training will continue just as if your canine was still enrolled in one of our training courses.

Boarding Only Option

After completion of one of our training course, canines may be eligible for boarding only. This option is great if you are looking to board your canine for just a couple of days. Boarding only does not come with training; however, commands learned during the completed course will be used frequently during daily activities and interactions.


“Happy Dog” Training Program

“Happy Dog” program is a training program tailored specifically for your dog. We believe that a happy dog is a fast learner, and we use  positive training techniques. This makes “Happy Dog” our most popular and sought after training program for Cane Corsos as well as other breeds.

The Process

You bring your dog to our home and will pick up typically two  weeks later. We evaluate dogs issues and character together with you and build a complete training program depending on your goals, we will make suggestion for you.  The length of the program will be based on your request as well as the level of your dogs


Whats included?

Your dog will be sufficient in the following: 

-Sit, Down, Stay

-Automatically sit when you stop walking

-Walk on the leash beside you without pulling

-Dog will heel on command

*Your Dog will not jump up on you anymore

*Come and sit in front of you


*Positive Crate training


Why does it works for YOUR DOG?

This basic training will make your dog easier to control and ultimately a happier animal. Special needs will be trained by request. Some bad habits we have trained is , going through the garbage, taking food off the table, we also can help with house breaking.


Happy Dog Guarantee

When you come to pick up your graduated dog we will explain all aspects of training and the steps you must take to continue with your dog, verbal and practice and help you to better understand your best friend. You will get a follow up visit included with your training 2 weeks after your dog goes home to help you with your dog.

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