Cane Corso Dog Collars

Cane Corso Dog Collars

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It has been almost 10 years since we owned our first Cane Corso and we have learned a lot. I am happy to have my cousin in Italy who is also my mentor, show me a great deal with regards to natural methods of breeding that are “old school”. These methods stand the test of time since this breeds’ ancestors first served the Roman legions.

We were pointed to Artisan dog collars maker in our travel to Italy.  After purchasing a few collars, we were amazed at the durability of a good hard leather when treated properly and made by a professional. We decided to introduce this same quality collar in the USA in 2017  after years of testing and designing.  Since then, we have had excellent results with our partnership Artisan leather makers. We feel Roman is the best Cane Corso Dog Collar available.

Roman Dog Collars was born and is now one of the premier leather collar makers for large powerful distinguished breeds such as the Cane Corso. We invite you to visit Roman Dog Collars, type the code: sanroccocanecorso and get 20% off your Artisan Leather Dog collar today.

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Above is the American Flag Dog collar made by Roman Dog Collars.


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