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Cane Corsos

Meet Our Cane Corsos

As a hobby breeder, our focus is on making the Cane Corso breed the best it can be. We devote, to each puppy, a high level of socialization unseen with most breeders.
Our Cane Corsos live in our home, not in a shed or cage. I guess you can say we raise, “Free Range Cane Corso’s”. Most of their days are spent running on our 3 acres. We believe that happier and healthier Cane Corso’s  will make better parents to their puppies, better pets for their new homes, with better temperaments.

Here are our  Cane Corsos…… they range in Brindle, blue, blue brindle and black colors.

CH.  ‘Damiano’ Lions Blood (European Import) IABCA,  ‘International and National Puppy Champion’

Cane Corso Lions blood Damiano is our Euro import and upcoming prospect and has began his AKC show career recently.  He took National and International titles with IABCA, and is ready to show with adults. His Father is a multi Champion from Europe, his Grandfather is the most famous dog in the world ‘Sangue Magnifica Gvido, two time winner of World Dog Show in Milan. Damiano is a beautiful blue Cane Corso with stunning blue eyes. Our Damiano is very promising young adult at only 14 months old he faces full grown dogs at his first dog show and placed first 4 days out of 5 dogs shows launching him close to his AKC championship in only 5 days.

Current weight – 120 pounds 
Registration – F.C.I, A.K.C., ICCF
Color: Blue / Grey
DNA – Tested and approved, is currently on file with AKC
Sire: GDA Guajillo ,  Milan World Dog show puppy winner, JCh.Rom/Bul ; Ch.Bul/Serb/Macedonia ; IPO1
Dam: Sangue Magnifica Mystica              

Damiano at 14 Months old, 1st place at AKC dog show in Va.

cane corso champion akc our dogs

Damiano in 2016 during AKC show he received 1st place best puppy out of 6 other puppies.

cane corso champion



puppy cane corso champion

cane corso blue puppy import

Damianos head at 8 months old.


Damiano’s Father as a puppy at World Dog show in Milan, where he took 1st place.

world dog show winner puppy

Damianos Father’s profile as an adult




CH. Alpha (European Import) IABCA  International Champion’

Alpha has a perfect temperament and is a European import, his parents are both from Rothorm kennel in Spain. He will be hitting the show circuit with AKC within the next two months. He adds large bone structure and excellent features to our program.

Weight – 145
Registration – LOP, F.C.I, A.K.C., ICCF
Color: Black Brindle
DNA – Tested and approved, is currently on file with AKC
Sire: Rothorm Jy Dream Yakare
Dam: Rothorm Jy Dream Klizia



Recent Accomplishments

Second Place at AKC dog show in Va. 1-10-2017

import cane corso champion

Congrats! Alpha was awarded his International Champion Title on 7/2/2017.

Alpha was rated by four internationally accomplished judges who rated Alpha as excellent overall the highest rating by the IABCA (International All Breed Canine Association) . IABCA has been Holding International “European-style” all breed and rare breed dog shows for over 25 years! Below is an example of one of his report cards from a judge.

international champion cane corso

(Above) Alpha on 7-2-2017, received his International Champion Title. His handler weighs only 80 pounds (our daughter Maria), while Alpha is close to 150. Alpha loves to listen to her, a truly amazing dog with an amazing temperament. He is a good example of the type of temperaments we build at San Rocco.

champion cane corso with family

cane corso champion

cane corso spiritguardian of dreams


import cane corso

european cane corso champion alpha

cane corso breeder
Alpha in Europe as a puppy.



San Rocco’s “Revenge is Mine”

Weight – 93
Registration – A.K.C., ICCF
Color: Blue/Grey
Sire: Enrico IL Grigio
Dam: San Rocco’s Princess

Has received her Majors Ribbon at Maryland Dog show, won Best Puppy 5x, Best Open (Major).

Her temperament is supreme. She is playful, confident and competitive. She is a perfect example of the dog we strive to breed in our small hobby program. Daughter of Rico and Princess, she has a very bright future ahead of her.

blue cane corso champion

San Rocco’s Revenge is Mine above at 13months old.

blue champion cane corso
6-10-2017 Blue Ridge Kennel AKC dog show. Best of winners, Winners Bitch.

cane corso champion best of breed


akc cane corso champion


blue female champion cane corso

grey cane corso


Best in Puppy Competition 1st place, best in breed. Va AKC official dog show June 2016, W.V.

best in show puppy




Daria Della Collina Del Corso (Italian European Import)

Daria is a great example of the perfect F.C.I. standard dog. She has a delightful personality, and is always willing to please. She was imported from Italy, and we can tell since she is a very picky eater, of course it’s our fault since we spoiled her. Her Father is an Italian Champion and is from the famous Kennel Rothorm, here is information on her Father, Rothorm Dream Burning Your Brain. Daria’s complete International Cane Corso Champion Pedigree is here.

Weight – 95
Registration – F.C.I, A.K.C., ICCF
DNA – Tested and approved by AKC, is currently on file.
Color: Black 
Sire: Champion Of Italy ‘Rothorm Dream Burning Your Brain
Dam: Dama Dei Volsci

cane corso dog show
Daria at 9 months old.


italian imported cane corso

black cane corso champion

cane corso champion head




cane corso breeder

Daria won several events so far at dog shows when we get a chance to make it to shows. She won best puppy three times and  ‘Best of Breed’ in Akc approved event.


San Rocco’s Princess

Weight – 113 Pounds
Registration – ICCF & AKC
: Blue Brindle
Sire: Vita King Portis (Video Link)
Dam: San Rocco’s Chiara

Our Blue Cane Corso Brindle is indeed a very rare color. With a significant line of Champion blood, this girl is a head turner! I have only seen a few of these and they were all in Italy. This ‘Tigrato’ color is simply ‘Molto Bella’. Her attitude is just as nice as her color. It is not a wise choice to take this girl on a leash in town if you are in a rush as most people will stop you in amazement of her beauty.

If your wondering ..Princess is the dog in our logo.

cane corso mastiff breeder


blue cane corso


blue cane corso

cane corso champion



cane corso breeders

Good Video to show her excellent body, the music is no longer working on the video.




Retired Dogs not at our home

We do not use Kennels except for time out, or to separate dogs in heat. Since we run a very socialized Cane Corso hobby program we decided from the start we would not have too many dogs to be sure they all get they attention they deserve, and will always run free as a supervised pack. Since we have full time jobs (not dogs) from home, we have an obligation to our professions. With the new arrival in Jan. of ‘Alpha’ we decided to make a difficult decision. ‘In tact’ males tend to conflict if they do not grow up together, hence, we found a forever home for ‘Rico’ with his new family in CT, who love him.  Since we limit our litters we often retire dogs young, Chiara was retired in 2016 and is enjoying lots of love from her new Mom in Mississippi. 

Enrico IL Grigio (CGC)

Weight – 105 Pounds
Registration – ICCF, AKC & FCI
Color: Blue/Grey
HIPS Certified with O.F.A. as ‘Good’, and free of HIP Dysplasia at 36 months.
DNA Tested and is on file with AKC
Rico is a Therapy dog and does local therapy work, he officially has his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Title awarded to his pedigree from A.K.C. Rico lives in CT and does therapy work often.
Our All Blue Grey Male Cane Corso.“Tight Face, Perfect Snout , Body Structure & Temperament “.
Rico enjoys spending time with our 1 year old Rabbit. (Photo Coming). With extensive Euro import bloodlines, Enrico adds a dimension we have been looking for in our Hobby breeding program. He adds excellent temperament, unique coloration, as well as the tight facial features we are looking to incorporate in our Cane Corsos hobby breeding program. Rico has a very happy life, antagonizing his girl friends daily, to do what he loves most in life…’play’.


rico cane corso dog

Status – Retired: San Rocco’s Chiara
Weight: 96 pounds
Registration: ICCF, AKC
Chiara brought excellent genetics, conformation as well as temperament into our program. This dog taught us that the Cane Corso was not just a dog, but an amazing breed like no other.

fawn cane corso


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