Socializing Your Puppy

Socializing Your Puppy

From birth, we are socializing our puppies to be sure they understand that humans can be trusted early on, an amazing bond is created as their imprinting takes place and humans are there to take part in this amazing time in their life .  Taking part in the socialization process early on as a human means the bonding will be very strong. One of the biggest mistakes a breeder can make, is not allowing the puppies at a young age to interact with their human family in addition to their Mother. I will outline some important points I feel can help you when socializing your puppy.

early puppy socialization

Above our children take a 7 week old puppy outside to play, since the puppy is already bonded with our 3 year old son he chooses to follow him everywhere he goes.


Socializing your puppy is easy if you can make the time. What I have noticed in my experience with puppies of 35 years and 5 breeds. All puppies have different personalities, some are outgoing and bold, some are withdrawn and shy.  Learning to react to their personality will help you to have a much faster success rate. A confident puppy will move towards objects and play with its head high and not move back if there are any noises . A fearful puppy will often have their head lower and their tail in between their legs. A shy puppy will simple be slower to move out to new objects and investigate its surroundings. Regardless of the personality, focus on the simple and easy to implement positive praise system. Praise them alot!  when they do something good. Avoid too much negative scolding at least early on, so as to not give the young puppy a complex.

socializing your puppy




Socializing Your Puppy – Taking your Pup Home

Once away from their  brothers and sisters, a puppy may be nervous and confused. Getting adjusted to their new home may be stressful, for this reason I always suggest to my customers to place them in a crate next to their bed. The first few nights the pup may cry until it falls asleep, however this should change after a few days as the puppy gets adjusted and realizes that their new home is a safe place with lots of love.

Having an area in your home that the puppy can designate as theirs will add to the security and self confidence of the puppy. This will help the puppy understand that he can go in this place for quiet time, and be alone in his/her so called area.

Letting the puppy be alone sometimes will allow them to build self confidence and understand that just because they are alone they are still safe. When the owner pampers the puppy too much they may grow up as a very needy dog, and develop anxiety when left alone. I say either extreme is not good. I am not recommending leaving your puppy alone too much as this may build a very independent personality that may make him/her  loner type.

Early Socialization – Importance with the Cane Corso


Because the Cane Corso by nature is a Dog that is naturally protective I suggest the earlier the socialization the better. If you can invite your friends of more when they are young they will develop a firm understanding that people are nice and its ok to have visitors. Now, if your objective is to keep the inherent trait of the Cane Corso intact or even exaggerate it this may be acceptable in certain circumstances of police work and guarding canine security work. I will leave this for another topic.


Get Outside and Socialize

A happy dog will be easy to obtain with lots of fresh air and long walks outside. If you have a nice backyard this is of importance with this large Mastiff breed. If you are dedicated to walking then make sure you give lots of walks, parks etc…This will make your pup grow up to be a happy and healthy pet. If you have any questions on my favorite breed the Cane Corso please feel free to email me or join my twitter and subscribe to my youtube channel and leave comments.







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