Build A Cane Corso Dog Fence

Build A Cane Corso Dog Fence

So, Here is:  How To Build A Cane Corso Dog Fence. The important question is not Should I build a Cane Corso Fence? The Question is “What Type Of A Cane Corso Fence?”

The Cane Corso is a breed that is very strong, they range from 95lb-135lb on average.  A breed standard Cane Corso  will stand at least 24.5 inches at the shoulder.  This is not a breed that you will be putting booties on and take it to Lowes in your cart. This is a Dog that is ready and willing to over power a human, if that human threatens the owners of  the Cane Corso. In my years of training and owning Cane Corso’s, I have noticed one very amazing trait of these dogs….they are very smart and easily trained. With this in mind, the Cane Corso can be boundary trained on your property in a day or two. I was amazed to see that two of my Cane Corso Puppies learned the boundaries in a few hours and do not go beyond the property point ever.


Regardless, if your Cane Corso is boundary trained or not, I would never provide a Cane Corso to a person or family without a fence. This breed is capable of jumping 6 feet. Anyone who may trespass into your yard – will not be welcomed with this guard dog breed.  I recommend all Cane Corso owners, to put a fence of 6 feet or more.

Build  A Cane Corso Fence – Vinyl


cane corso dog fence

This is my Vinyl Fence, before I got a new weed wacker.



cane corso fence

If you are on a hill, you must be very careful to make sure the fence is placed perfectly to match where the next panel will go.

I find the Vinyl fencing easy to maintain. If you choose to do the Vinyl fencing from Lowes or any store of your choice, be sure to put the 8 foot or larger treated poles in the ground. This will be used at either end of the fence to provide for a stronger fence; over just having the hollow fence provided by your Lowes or Home Depot. I use the Vinyl cap over my treated wood, for better looks, but you do not have to. The Vinyl fences tend to cost more since the materials are low maintenance. I did not want to be painting my fences every few years, so I just went with the Vinyl.


Building A Wood Cane Corso Fence

Can a wood Picket fence be used for a Cane Corso? Yes! Use one that is at least 6 feet or more. Reinforce the fence with some extra wood if needed in the middle of each fence body to provide for a stronger fence. The wood fence will work but you will have to paint it every few years to keep the elements off or the fence will have some major problems after only a few years.


Build A Cane Corso Fence – Adding an extra layer to your Fence

This is important, to have a second fence layer, especially if you have more than one Cane Corso in your yard. I use a very strong electric fence as my second layer, however, you can use a chain link or even buy a long horse or goat fence type of wire and rig it to be used for Dogs.

All in all, the Cane Corso Fence is to not only protect your neighbors, but it’s also to protect your Cane Corso.  I have heard too many stories about kids and even adults teasing dogs, however, with a tall fence this becomes less possible.

I hope this short article on How To Build A Cane Corso fence helped. I will be posting more videos on this topic on my Youtube channel, as well as articles on different types of Cane Corso fence setups posted on my twitter.

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