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Cane Corso Breeder – A Hobby and Passion


” San Rocco is a Cane Corso Breeder striving to be the best. Supreme Temperaments, achieved through our intense social program… sets us apart from the rest”.

Our typical clients, are seeking the best Cane Corso breeder to provide the most loyal and finest temperaments available for their family. We feel with a dog that can demonstrate such incredible power as an adult, it is first and foremost that this dog must be easy to control and perfectly loyal to their family. For this reason, a lot of time, socialization and love is invested from birth to bring  ‘the ideal temperament for families’.


Pose Like A Tiger, at 11 months old, enjoys fresh air and training at our home.

cane corso breeder


Our Culture  and the Ancient  Cane Di Puglia

Staying in touch with our culture has allowed me to build relationships with some of the best breeders of Cane Corsos in Italy.  I have built great relationships with over the years, and I attribute much of my learning from my friends, family and mentors in Italy.

We are fond of our Italian American culture. The Cane Corso breed connects us with the past, and our passion for this breed. As the grandson of Immigrants from Puglia Italy, my grandparents immigrated here looking for a better life, but always remembering their roots.

Puglia is the region of Italy most responsible for  saving the Cane Corso from its near extinction in the 1970’s. To this day, their common name in my grandfathers part of Italy is the ‘Cane Di Puglia’.

I  enjoyed having dogs growing up in New York City. I was often amazed, when I would see the size of my Uncle Matteo’s Mastiff as a young boy. I remember trying to ride my grandfathers German Shepherd around the house. Dogs were an important part of growing up, and they always gave back more than we gave. Socialization was important living in highly populated areas, we used very effective traditional methods of puppy socialization that made for a confident and friendly dog while still proving to be good watch dogs.

The Cane Corso is a true compilation of thousands of years of effective breeding. I knew when I first discovered this breed in 2001, that I would one day own this breed. The Cane Corso gives us the opportunity to connect  with our fondness for  our ancient Italian culture, as well as our desire to own the best breed of dogs.  The Cane Corso unlike many breeds, has been virtually untouched for thousands of years. Will live in an age where many breeders have negatively changed dogs due to their inbreeding, and overemphasizing certain physical visual trait. Unlike some other breeds, the ‘true Cane Corso breed’, looks almost identical to its  ancient ancestors. After owning 5 different dog breeds, some with major health issues  (due to bad breeding),  I settled on the best breed in the world.  “The Cane Corso”. I have found the Cane Corso to not only be hardy and loyal, but also to be like a good Italian Pastry “You can’t have just one”.

As proud Cane Corso Breeders of hobby, I welcome you to share in this piece of history and savor this special ancient breed that has enriched our family in many ways.  “Forza Cane Corso”.


The San Rocco Cane Corso Family,

Gerardo, Monica, Gianna, Maria & Mauro.





cane corso breeder

Italian Aristocrat with his Cane Corso, circa late 1700’s


 A Formentino Cane Corso above is a good example of the unchanged look of this magnificent breed.

La tradizione prosegue con San Rocco Cane Corso – The Tradition will continue with San Rocco Cane Corso

Here is one of our Formentino pups who lives with her family in Pa.

Our Process

Prior to any consideration as a Cane Corso Breeder,  I researched this breed for over 8 years and have trained Dogs for 25 years. My involvement with this breed has been and remains to be a constant learning process. My biggest pleasure is mentoring others with the same passion for the Cane Corso. I enjoy reading about  Cane Corso Italian History, and their positive impact in the Roman Empire. I also enjoy researching Cane Corso Art and literature.

San Rocco is a Cane Corso breeder like no other. Our aim is to not only to preserve the best possible qualities of the Cane Corso, but to have  outstanding temperament and correct structure according to the Cane Corso standard.  In essence, a quality Cane Corso of supreme mind and body. We are very active in providing a superior diet for our Dogs, we strive for an organic diet to feed our Dogs. We avoid all grains in our Dog diets. We are  active in the conformation show ring, we attend working events, and most importantly we put a large emphasis on the health of our cane corsos both mentally and physically before they are considered to be breed worthy.

Our puppies are all raised in our home, with tender loving care. We give our puppies the very best possible start in life following early stimulation and socialization. We have studied for years before even considering to proceed as a Cane Corso Breeder. We strive towards better dogs, choosing sires, and choosing puppies for families who we feel, will be able to continue to be the guardians of this special breed.

The Cane Corso is a large dominant working breed. It is not a breed for everyone. We carefully screen potential owners and have a very strict criteria that needs to be met before we place one of our puppies.

We, as breeders of the Cane Corso, are committed to the pursuit of our goal to breed the best quality Cane Corso’s in the World. We plan to continue to  immerse ourselves in our passion, which we love so much. We invite you to share in this ancient tradition in allowing this ancient breed proven for thousands of years to be our ‘Best friend’.

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