Cane Corso vs American Pitbull Terrier

Cane Corso vs American Pitbull Terrier

As many of you know the Pitbull terrier has become an iconic dog. Growing up, I loved this breed and first saw one while watching the Little rascals dog ‘Pete’. He was funny, smart, and was frequently seen by the side of the little rascals. I have owned three Pitbulls.  Owning these dogs motivated me to become a breeder because I was not happy with the temperament  of one out of the three pitbulls.  I felt by becoming a breeder, I would be able to help the future pups acclimate better to their families and therefore stay with their families.  If you are reading this article, I’m sure you know which breed I prefer, however, I would like to point out some key aspects where both breeds differ.

For this article I will keep the comparison with the ‘American Pitbull Terrier’, since there has become so many variations it is hard to compare all the different types in this one article.

Breed                                          Cane Corso                                           American Pit Bull Terrier

Height                                               23 1/2-27 1/2 inches                             17-20 inches

Weight                                               90-130 lbs                                               30-90 lbs

Intelligence                                       High                                                         Average

Hypoallergenic                                 No                                                            No

Lifespan                                             10-12 years                                            12-14 years

Country Origin                                 Italy 1137 AD                                        UK 1898 AD                

Temperament                                  Very Good                                             Good

Family/children/pet(s)                  Very Good                                            Good/may be dog aggressive to other dogs

Personality                                        Loving, enjoys attention                   Affectionate, aggressive, willing to please
                                                             affectionate, guard dog,                    barks a lot
                                                              does not bark often

Living                                                  No apartments, breed likes              Yes apartment, does not require much exercise
                                                              exercise, small to large

Temperature                                       35 F to 85 F                                        45 F to 85 F

Exercise                                               High energy level                                Medium energy level
                                                               running speed 30 mph                      running speed 25 mph
Grooming                                            Low maintenance coat                       Low maintenance coat
                                                               Low Drool                                            Low Drool
                                                               Nail trim every 16 days                     Nail trim every 16 days              



Here is a great example of very well done art depicting Pitbulls. 

comparing cane corsos to pitbulls


For New Owners:

I know many people feel the Cane Corso is not for new owners, and this is true if for someone reason the person does not understand leadership skills and never had a working dog. I find Cane Corsos much easier to train than Pitbulls, the key here is if you understand how to dominate your dog. Over all I would say because of the sheer size and power of the Cane Corso its better for the dogs sake to go with an experienced dog owner. The pitbull terrier comes in different sizes and can be easier to care for if size is a concern in your home.


 I choose the Cane Corso as the better suited playmate for my children. They are smarter in my opinion and are not nippy. When my daughter was young she was holding up a shirt in my yard and my pitbull came and grabbed the shirt as he jumped up, as a result she was cut near her eye. I have never had any Cane Corso jump up to grab anything from my hands or my children. 


I find the Cane Corso to be a breed that does not bark much unless there is a reason. My pitbulls were not yappy barkers at all, however, more so than my Cane Corsos.


Both breeds are easy to care for with regards to grooming since they both have short coats.

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