•  Cane Corso Stud Service

Cane Corso Italian Mastiff Stud Service

At San Rocco Cane Corso we are offering a Cane Corso Stud service for approved bitches only. We reserve the right to decline services. One of our primary goals at San Rocco Cane Corso is to breed to make the Italian Mastiff  better and preserve this highly esteemed breed of the Cane Corso.

We work with some of the finest breeders in Italy to ensure authentic genetics from the historical Cane Corso Champion bloodlines. We provide all communications with our Italian partner, to ensure the finest frozen semen from the best Italian Champions.
We only provide stud services from Italian Champions. We require photos from your female for approval, as well as some health tests. Please email us with any questions.


We provide frozen seen or on-site natural breeding at our home with our quality imported male champions. We also provide breeding services to selected dogs in Europe directly from a certified storage lab facility. Buyer will pay for Vet fees and shipping. 

We provide stud services for Our Cane Corso’s.

Our stud is an Italian import and both his parents are Champions in Italy. At 138  has thick bones and beautiful confirmation, Impero Maya Noto has won every time he attended the AKC dog show.



cane corso champion





italian champion cane corso





Above is ‘Burning Your Brain’ at an International dog show in Italy received ‘Best in Show’.



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