Cane Corso Videos

Here are some Cane Corso Videos for you to enjoy, these are focused on how this breed interacts with children. We had fun making them and tried not to be too serious. I think a sense of humor is important. As a hobby breeder, just being around these Dogs gives me a sense of happiness.

italian mastiff videos

Choosing a Puppy Video Below. I made a short video to explain some of the myths about large and small pups and how they will mature.


Marshal is a Formentino Cane Corso puppy who went to England, this video shows the difficult time we had in letting him go as he was a joy and we miss him! We know he is in great hands in the UK with his lovely family!


Our San Rocco Puppy comes back to visit.

Our Blue male Cane Corso at Westminister Dog Show.



Our Blue Cane Corsos Playing!


Our Black Cane Corsos Running!





Our son socializing a blue brindle Mastiff pup, this process is done for every single puppy from our litters. (2018)



(2018)Our Damiano winning 4 dog shows in only 5 days. He is still a young male who has not fully developed and the judges awarded him with 9 points at his first AKC appearance as young adult. AKC requires 15 points to become a champion so he has a fast start….now we just need to get to these dog shows.



(2017)This is a video of our International Champion Alpha who lives in our home, he was imported from Europe. This  shows the fun time we had with his breeder as well as him coming to America.



(2017)You will see how well tempered our Cane Corsos are. In this video it shows an example of how Alpha acts with my son as he trains him to help him with his next dog show.


It’s been so hot this summer! We have had a heat wave for almost two months. I made this short video to explain some simple techniques I use to keep my Puppies and adult dogs cool in the heat.






We are often asked for videos of our adult dog, so we did one with Rico and Princess. We will do some more soon, of the others.

Having some fun with my oldest daughter as she trains a young Blue Cane Corso puppy.


I feel you should enjoy life, I have found the simple things in life can make you happy. I enjoy hiking with my Cane Corsos, and  in this case running in the snow with my Cane Corsos.






Here is a video I made, this shows some simple things to look for when choosing a Cane Corso Puppy.



This videos does not have children in it, however these simple important reminders can help in any situation.


Here is a video, where I discuss the right time to let your puppies out.


Here is a video of puppies playing, you will see they are starting to establish their order in the pack.


Here is a video where I took my two daughters to a local fair, along with. Majesty and Rico. Many adults and children wanted to pet them our four legged friends, we could not go more than 50 feet without people ready to meet our pets. I decided to take a little bit of footage.

Here is our rare Blue Brindle Female Cane Corso ‘San Rocco’s Princess’.





This video is from 2-2014.
This is my son with his best friend ‘Rico IL Grigio’. Rico has an excellent temperament and is well trained, he  will make a good service dog.




Here is a cool video with our son and Chiara, you can see that she is very tolerant of this young lad. She only seemed to stop taking abuse when she decided that a snack may be ready for her at the sound of  dishes clanking.


Here is a another one of our cane corso videos to show you how easy these Big Italian Mastiff’s respond to young children.
Cane Corso Training can be easy and fun with this very obedient breed.




Cane Corso Videos – Feeding your Cane Corso


Here is a quick one to add to the Cane Corso Videos file. You will see me cooking for my Dogs and some tips on keeping them healthy.

The great Doctor of Modern Medicine ‘Hyppocrates’ once said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. I believe in this with all my heart, I try to only buy Organic foods for my family and my dogs.

This is the latest video on the dog food we feed our Cane Corsos, we have been using Lifes Abundance for over a year and very happy, its the best dog food in our opinion., take the pups word for it.




This is what I use to mix with what I feel is the Best Dog Food For Cane Corsos.




This is another Cane Corso Video on ‘diet’, this discusses ‘store bought’ food.

Cane Corso Videos – Choosing  Cane Corso Puppies


Cane Corso Puppies For Sale

Cane Corso Puppy Update Video

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