Deniro Stops a Robbery

Deniro Stops a Robbery

At San Rocco we have been raising this fine guard dog breed for over 10 years. We understand that the proper early socialization of the Cane Corso as a puppy will allow for them to have the perfect guardian sense while not being overly protective or under protective. We fine-tune the necessary criteria to help the Cane Corso puppy become a loyal trusting puppy from day one by providing the best possible care and training.

The Cane Corso has been used for thousands of years as a family guardian and my grandparents were very familiar with them when he was living in Italy before they immigrated to the USA. In Puglia today they are prized and still used on some farms.

Below is an example of how one of our Cane Corsos may behave to protect you. Our dogs are raised to be confident and to hold their ancient guardian instincts, we do not train or condone our dogs to be aggressive.


San Rocco’s Deniro

We have come across many Cane Corso owners over the years who have shared some wonderful stories
with us, one, in particular, is the story of Deniro owned by Bobby who lives in Delaware. 





Deniro in Action

Bobby was visiting a friend in Philadelphia PA on  summer night in 2017. Bobby had San Rocco’s Deniro with him who at the time was about two years old. Bobby was in the yard of his friend’s home in the city when he realized his dog Deniro had quickly jumped and spotted a would be the robber who was approaching Bobby from behind him in the yard. Deniro was closely watching when Bobby was not aware of what was going on. Deniro quickly jumped at the intruder and the intruder ran very fast out of the yard as he was chased down the block until Bobby was able to call him off.  At that moment Bobby realized that this may have been a very dangerous robbery if Deniro was not with him, Bobby’s existing love for the breed grew and he went back to San Rocco Cane Corso to adopt his 2nd puppy in 2018. In late 2018 Bobby’s dad had his home invaded and they made off with some expensive good which was very difficult for his Dad to accept.  Bobby was back in late 2018 to adopt San Rocco’s Regina who was a perfect match for their protection needs.


guard dog

Above is a photo of Bobby with two of his San Rocco Cane Corsos at home in Delaware.

We thank all of those who care and love their Cane Corsos over the years and we hope to be providing good homes for many years to come.



See Deniro at the Dinner Table in the video below!!!!






As a breeder, I must mention its important that certain traits must be properly bred for, if not the Cane Corso will be less of a guard dog for years to come. We firmly believe that sticking to the intended purpose this dog was bred for is important while being sure their temperaments are properly refined so as to still be able to trust outside humans.



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