How To Feed A Picky Dog Or Puppy

How To Feed A Picky Dog Or Puppy

Many people often think dogs will eat until you take their food away, I differ in opinion.

I often find that dogs who are over weight typically have a bad diet, and its not necessarily from over eating. I find that the low quality dog foods will often have additives that create  food addictions, and cause over eating.

When I was a kid, my parents would buy soft dog food burgers “Gains-Burgers’ that smelled very good and was loaded with artificial ingredients. production ceased in the 1990s. The product consisted of individually wrapped patties of moisturized dog food which resembled a hamburger. Unlike hamburgers, the Gaines-Burgers could be stored at room temperature for long periods of time. The technique was later used for human foods. This sounds like fresh dog food, that we should be feeding our dogs correct? NOT!

how to feed a picky dog
Interesting advertisement from the 1990’s advertising this toxic dog food.

When my dog diet of cancer, I began to research his food and found that dogs can get addicted to certain types of foods just like humans. In fact a dog with a huge appetite may be an indication of another problem such as parasites.

If you remember one thing from this article I want to mention “DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG A FOOD JUST BECAUSE HE OR SHE LIKES IT”. Sometimes dogs will like a food because of the toxic additives, make sure they are eating a “HEALTHY NATURAL FOOD THAT THEY LIKE”. As many of you know, I have invested years researching dog foods, I list some of the foods of my dog foods I use on my Health and Nutrition page.

Here is an example of the junk manufacturers are allowed to put into our pets dog foods.

I find some dogs are quite picky when it comes to their food – even requiring encouragement to consume their daily meals.

So what do you do if your dog doesn’t want to eat his/her food?

I have found some tips and tricks to help encourage your dog to get the nutrition that they need. This includes plenty of homemade solutions as well as a few products designed just for the task!



1.) A Good Moist Canned Dog Food!

I use Life’s Abundance Venison and Pork, and I find it to be very healthy and the dogs love this food. This is the only canned food that ALL my dogs love, it is also the healthiest in my opinion.


  • Grain Free Recipe
  • Limited ingredients
  • No corn, wheat or soy
  • No fillers or carrageenan

canned dog food for mastiffs

order lifes abundance

Here is a video of this top rated holistic canned dog food and my thoughts on this trick. 

2.) Add chicken Stock!

This is often a great addition to your dogs food and works very well. Make sure the chicken stock is organic or at least homeade since many store bought chicken stocks have preservatives like MSG and can cause reactions in your dog.


feeding a picky dog or puppy

3.) Add a raw egg!

I find this does not work for all dogs since some dogs do not like raw eggs, this method requires you to make sure you wash the dog bowl after since it may contain salmonella and can be harmful to humans.

feeding picky puppies








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