Invisible Electric Fence For a Cane Corso Mastiff?

Invisible Electric Fence For a Cane Corso Mastiff?

I often get asked the question is an invisible fence suitable for a Cane Corso? My answer is yes if used properly. The product I have used for over five years is the Pet Safe Pet Containment System. I have linked the words in case you want to see more. I am only going by my own experience, and I have never had any problems when I used my fence properly. My invisible fencing system I used for 5 years with no problems. I recently stopped using my invisible fence since my new fence was installed to allow my dogs to run over a much larger area. One thing I loved is you are able to link as many fence collars to your base unit and since I had five dogs using the system at one time it was great.


Wireless Invisible Fence Containment and No Need to Install underground

This was very important to me since I figured if I had to install an invisible fence I will just as well install a wooden or chain link, I mean what is the point? The Wireless fence system allowed me to setup my fence within about 30 minutes. Keep in mind I did boundary train so I did not let the dogs loose inside the fence until a few good days of training.


Here is a video I made to explain my details on this Wireless Fencing system that I feel can be used for Cane Corso Mastiffs in the proper circumstances!


From the start is you can create the boundaries with an adjustable dial. The wireless fence will make a circle from where the unit sits. Its important to make sure its sitting in an area that does not prevent the unit from sending its wireless signals.

Here is a good example of how the unit can be set.

cane corso invisible fence




One thing I made sure I did from the start was to boundary train each dog. This takes long but when done right you usually will not have any dogs even testing the fence or ever getting shocked. I began boundary training my dogs as soon as I purchased my wireless invisible fence. I purchased this unit online and it was around $300.00, this was a NEW UNIT, keep in mind you can purchase refurnished units for around $200! Here is a link  I never had any problems with my unit in 5 years of use. You can also shop for new ones on the petsafe website. Its important to purchase from Petsafe since the warranty is much better when you buy the Petsafe Wireless System directly from the company. I had to replace a few collars over the last few years and they were sent to me at no charge!

mastiff electric fence


A few times I had to replace the collars since my dogs play very rough, however the warranty covered the collars and I did not have to pay anything to get a new collar. I was also very happy with the customer service at petsafe, so by no means do they sell you a product without good technical support.

A few times during the 5 years our system was not working, however the customer support team walked us through each step on the phone and we reset our system.


invisible fence for cane corsos mastiffs

Above is the flags that come with the fencing system, these are used to create the initial boundary so it clearly tells the dog where to stop.


Here is my methods for making this type of system work.

1.) Boundary Train – Make sure you boundary train your dogs with the flags provided in the Petsafe wireless fence system before you give your system any power. I did this for about 5 days until they understood clearly where the property boundary ended. There are many ways to train for boundaries, you can use praise only, use treats and praise or you can use the collar while you are training and use the lowest setting, the point is it will give a warning noise and not shock the dog, but the dog will learn the area of the fence. I did not have to use any warning on my collar since my dogs are already trained very well and listen when I call them.

2.) Keep Flags Up – I kept my flags up for a while (1 month) after I put my fence up, and I always put the boundary flags up again when a new dog was introduced to the fence. The great thing is when the lead dog understands the fence the others will not test it so you will rarely have dogs getting shocked by the invisible electric fence.

3.) Give Praise – Give lots of praise when you are boundary training your dog, I also suggest using treats to make them feel special when they do not test the fence flags in the beginning.

4.) Check Batteries – Make sure you check the batteries at least weekly. Mine on average lasted about 3 weeks, however, I have heard of batteries lasting a few months, if the dog does not go near the fence boundary much to set off warning signals, or if the invisible fence is not used often.

5.) Power Outage – This can be a concern if your area where you live has a good amount of power outages. You will not have power when the outage occurs so its a very good idea to keep you dog inside during this time. I noticed with my dogs during a power outage it did not matter much since they were already trained to use the fence they did not bother to test the fence boundary. I still would play it safe and use common sense, bring your dog in at these times.

6.) Great to use a fence backup – Some people have problems with their fencing system and complain their dogs escape their backyards. Though I never had this problem I can see this being a great backup system that you can place right around your fence boundary as a second fencing system, its invisible, however if you train your dog properly they will know what lies beyond your wood fence.

I have had many different breeds, and I notice my Cane Corsos are very smart, and just do not want to be bothered breaking my fence to wander off, I think this is not only the breed, but its the fact that the Cane Corso is not the type of breed that likes to run away (if treated well). There are many hunting breeds like the Beagle, that you can treat very well, and they will still find a way to get lost since its in their nature. So in close I think the best Cane Corso fence is a good sold welded wire fence or chain link fence with a very sturdy structure to it, however the wireless fence by Petsafe is a great tool if you do not yet have a fence installed yet on your property. I never had a problem with my fence of five years and I am keeping the fence since it can always be used in addition to the current fencing system you have in place.

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