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Phone Coaching  / Consulting 

cane corso dog training

Above are two puppies from San Rocco, San Rocco’s Zena and Stella. They are owned by the Covino family in N.J.
Both pups were crate trained by us and did very well!  We continue to provide ongoing coaching and consulting for these beautiful pups!


Phone Coaching 

As a hobby breeder for almost 10 years I have written many articles that I feel can help you based on my experiences. I understand some of you may have individual consulting needs based on the fact that not all dogs are the same and of course not all people are the same. With each situation presenting some differences I am offering phone consultation in increments of 30 minutes. If you need more the price is discounted. 


Behavior Consulting

If you have a dog with a behavior or training problem, but cannot work with me in person due to distance constraints or due to the nature of the behavior issue we need to get started by phone and if needed I am happy to meet.  As an AKC canine good citizen trainer I  have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with dog training and dog behavior problems. Phone consultations are an effective tool in getting help for you and your dog.

Here are some of the many behavior problems I can help you with:

  • new puppy concerns
  • destructiveness
  • house training
  • crate training
  • aggression (toward people, dogs or other animals)
  • anxiety (separation or generalized)
  • sound phobias (thunderstorm, etc.)

Diet Holistic Consulting

raw bones for your cane corso

  • allergies
  • diet questions
  • raw diet
  • picky eaters
  • natural cures
  • homeopathy 


Breeding Questions

dog breeding training

  • Whelping
  • Socialization
  • diet
  • mating
  • genetics


Phone consultations are typically around one 30 in length and are $99. 

If you would like to purchase one hour it’s $125.00

If you are a breeder one hour is $199.00 (I do not offer 30-minute increments for breeders)


30 Minutes = $99.00

Whats a good day and time?


60 Minutes = $125.00

Time and Date you prefer?

On-Going Coaching Subscription

Custom support can be discussed if needed.

Buy in bulk and Save!

4 hours for $325

These can be spread over time if needed (weekly, daily or monthly)

Preferred first meeting









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