Puppy Shipping

Puppy Shipping

shipping your cane corso

We can personally Bring Your Puppy to you if we are available

We understand that not every family is able to travel to our home to pick up their puppy, so we are providing Puppy shipping in some circumstances.  We recently began driving our puppies to their homes based on the fact that COVID has changed the way many people travel as well as the fact that a puppy being shipping by ground shipping just was not an option we wanted to consider unless absolutely necessary.

We have noticed the best way for pups to make the transition into their new home is to be picked up or delivered by us…the people who raised the puppy. The puppy has a certain sense of trust when they leave our hands to go to their new home that it makes them a lot less stressful and makes us a lot happier to know this.

Pups Shipped By Airplane? 

We do not Airship pups and have made only two exceptions in 10 years, we feel it’s important that the pups endure the least amount of stress possible. In getting pups from Italy to raise in our program we had no choice but to have our puppies shipped here to our home, there is always a level of stress involved so if you live in the USA we will not ship a puppy by air. 

Recently we drove one of our puppies to a nice home in Oklahoma, it was a nice trip and the reason we decided to drive the puppy was we did not want him to get stressed out in a crate for 3 days straight while traveling via ground shipping. We tried ground shipping a few times with a reputable delivery company and the outcome was good, although one customer complained the route was changed the last minute and she had to go 3.5 hours out of her way to pick their puppy up in Dallas, rather than her original destination.  We obviously have no control over the shipping unless we actually ship the puppy, so we decided to begin offering this option in certain circumstances. 

Our puppy shipping process is simple we use our SUV and pups DO NOT go into a crate the entire way. It is rare unless we have more than 2 pups that the puppy will ever see the crate during the trip.

Our daughters typically go on the trip and hold the pups in the SUV.

If you are interested in Puppy Shipping please let us know, the delivery fee is $1.00 per mile to deliver for each mile to and from your home. If your home is more than 400 miles we will charge a hotel fee as a travel expense. If you live far from Va., it may be a great idea to ship your Cane Corso puppy as a carry-on and fly to our home. 

The best way for you to adopt your puppy is to make a trip and come out to our small farm once your puppy is ready to go home. 

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