Boost Your Cane Corsos Immune System

Boost Your Cane Corso’s Immune System


Boosting  Your Dog’s Immune System can be a challenging task. Your Dog’s immune system is a highly efficient and complex system that protects them against disease and speeds the healing process. A strong immune system is the key to good health, not only in Dog’s but in humans as well. I often research on different ways to improve my Dog’s overall health and it seems I always end up reading articles and books that point me right back to the ‘Immune System”.

So How Do We Boost Our Cane Corso’s Immune System?




Diet & Nutrition

One of the most important component of your dogs health is a good Organic high-quality diet. I’m a firm believer of raw and home-cooked diets for Cane Corso’s, however, there are many good Dog foods on the market to choose from. When I feed my dogs store bought Dog food, I demand NO Grains At All. I will NOT buy Dog food with wheat or corn. GMO Wheat and Corn, is one of the main reasons Dog continue to get allergies at alarming rates. This is my opinion from experience.

I like to combine natural ingredients for my dogs to help them get a ‘complete natural diet’.  Boosting the nutritional value of a commercial kibble or canned food by adding fresh food and a good Probiotic supplement will help your Canine. A high percentage of immune system activity takes place in the intestines, so keeping your Dogs tummy  healthy will help them in a big way. A whole food vitamin and mineral supplement is also advised if you feed your dog store bought food.  Just because commercial dog chow does not have enough vitamins and minerals.


You will often find breeders who breed on a large level may indeed be doing this art for the ‘love of money’ rather than for the ‘love of the breed’. For this reason, you may see a  health deficiency  in some of these dogs.  Since cheap dog food, inbreeding and lack of social stimulation can impact the genetic structure of your Canine.

There can often be deficiencies with well bred dogs since some issues seem to creep up in certain types of breeds. Get knowledgeable on the Cane Corso, understand the different genetic dispositions this breed may be exposed to.  Find a good Vet who stresses diet and a nutrition over drugs and surgical procedures.

Are Medications & Vaccinations Healthy?

Vaccinations is a controversial topic. I urge readers to view the pros and cons of vaccines. Since there is evidence of the negative effects of over vaccinating, I think its important to educate yourself on this topic.

Some medications are important such as antibiotics and steroids, which are necessary and even life-saving in some cases. When using these medications one must understand that these are powerful medications, and there must be some immune system support  to mitigate their potentially serious side effects. Their overuse can suppress the immune system.  A Holistic Vet is ideal, as they use a mixed approach to maintain canine health.

Some medications must be carefully administered such as  when deworming your puppy. Deworming can cause side effects. I find it very important to boost your puppies immune system prior to any type of deworming drugs.

Environmental Toxins 
All of us, humans and dogs alike, are exposed every day to a massive number of toxins. Our animals are regularly exposed to pesticides, herbicides, flea and tick medications and water and air pollution.

You may not be able to control what your dog encounters in public spaces, but whenever possible use only natural, non-toxic products on or near your house and pets. Fortunately, there are plenty of safe and effective options on the market.


Dogs are social and emotional creatures who need daily interaction, exercise, and play for good health and longevity. Being left alone for extended periods of time such as in:  illness, moving, divorce, new babies of the human or furry kind – all of these factors can have both physical and mental/emotional health impacts. Flower essences and Comfort Zone pheromones (plug-in or spray) can work really well in these situations.

Immune Boosters

I have found the following immune-support products especially useful when help is needed. Of course, as with any supplements, please consult your veterinarian before using them on your dog.


1.) Omega 3 Fish Oil Boosts Immunity

When added to the daily diet, Omega 3 fatty acids help support the immune system, reduce inflammation (a precursor to many diseases), support the heart and kidneys, and prevent tumor formation.



Antioxidants For Your Dogs Immune System

A common cause of inflammation for all cells, tissues, and organs is the formation of free radicals. These are generated as part of the body’s natural detoxification process; however, excessive free radicals, created when the body is exposed to environmental toxins, deplete the body’s reserves of antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E. Supplementing with these and other antioxidants during time of stress can prevent inflammation and the resulting damage to tissues and organs that occurs when free radicals are left unchecked. I often use Carrots, this is a great antioxidant and Organic Carrots are inexpensive compared to other organic veggies.

Some health foods I use to help boost my Dog’s immune systems are
Cinnamon, onions, garlic parsley (in very small quantities) . I use fresh organic meats such as chicken and fish. I will sometimes use Organic red meats. Feeding your dogs natural meats will make a huge difference in your animals overall health. I hope some of these tips will help you to understand how to build your Cane Corso’s immune system.

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