Healthy Puppy Tips For Your Cane Corso

Healthy Puppy Tips For Your Cane Corso

In considering healthy puppy tips for your cane corso, lets take a  look at their past, and determine what their natural diet was as a wolf. You can be assured that their diet consisted of many different meats, as this carnivore is one that is a scavenger and can adopt to different environments easily. One environment where dogs have been very successful is that of the coastal areas near a large supply of Salmon. Salmon is not only considered healthy for us, but it is also considered healthy for animals such as wolves. This delicious fish, has a huge amount of trace minerals due to its diet of natural sea diet. Research shows that Wolves and Bears who grow up around wild salmon are often the largest species. Is this why the Alaskan wolves and Bears are some of the largest in the world? You be the judge.

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I will often add trace mineral pink organic salt to my dogs meals when they are eating a meal that does not consist of any salt. I find this gives them more energy and helps them look better over time as their coat shines nice. I often add this with some olive oil & all natural chicken for their coat.  Since I began doing this, I also noticed Dams are healthier, and puppy deworming is often needed less since diet is better.

Many Organic farmers will give pink salt licks to their livestock if they can afford the expense, or want that extra healthy animal. When salt licks are used there is no risk of animals consuming “too much” salt, as they will lick only the amount they need, and then they will stop licking it until they need more minerals. Fact is, that trace mineral salt contains 84+ trace minerals including selenium, zinc, magnesium and more. Remember, Dogs know when they have had enough salt, the danger lies when humans begin to feed their dogs the junk they eat such as Doritos and other artificially flavored chips, these foods can cause severe reactions in dogs. I feel the artificial flavor masks the taste, and confuses the dog into knowing when it has consumed enough salt. It is important to know that  the salt used in chips is often iodized salt that contains no trace minerals so the value is almost zero to dogs. So the next time you are feeding your dogs a good meal, think about a dab of trace mineral salt if you would like to add that natural element that they would be getting from the wild.

Here is a video that I made on ‘ Healthy Puppy Tips For Your Cane Corso ‘.

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