When Should You Take Your Puppy Outside?

When Should You Take Your Puppy Outside?


This is a question I am often asked by people who own puppies of all breeds.As a rule of thumb you should never take your puppies out before they have their first round of shots.


when to take your puppy outside

The puppies are more open to infections early on so its VERY important to stay clear of dog parks. Dog parks provide your dog with a plethora of bacterias from other dogs, so this is a big NO NO. I will typically avoid designated dog parks at all costs. So how will I socialize my dog or puppy then in a social setting? Its easy, get a group of dog owners (if possible puppies)  in a people park or find someone who has a nice plot of land for them to run. There is no problem bringing them to human parks if they are allowed, however I was referring to parks that are solely designated for dogs.

At 6-7 weeks after their first round of shots I will typically let the puppies out, however I will only do so if the weather is good. Letting puppies out when its too hot or cold is not good for their young immune systems.
When letting my puppies out I make sure that I do not let them play in an area where my larger dogs have been. I set aside a special section  on my 3 acres for puppies only.
Make sure you do not let your puppies out if it is raining , the same way humans can get chest infections from a cold and rainy day, so can dogs.

In a nut shell, just use common sense to make sure your puppy has a great start to their outdoor life. So taking your puppies outside should never be before 6 weeks.

I did a short video below on this subject, if you enjoy this video please like it.


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