Dog Temperament Testing

Cane Corso Dog Temperament Testing


At San Rocco Cane Corso we believe that our temperament testing program is one of the best tweaked for over 10 years of raising this dog breed.  Explaining the process is important so to understand the extensive work involved in raising great puppies.  Why do we feel a Cane Corso must have a great temperament?  Well, we feel that because this is a guardian dog it must live up to this reputation, while not being distorted by some aggressive tactic to make your Cane Corso have a more pronounced guardian instinct.  We know and understand from over 10 years of being able to raise this fine breed that a confident Cane Corso who is loved and raised properly will become an excellent guardian who is very trusting to their family.  The Cane Corso by nature is a breed that has a natural tendency to guard and does not necessarily have to be trained to guard, we do feel however that proper tweaking is essential.



San Rocco’s Quinn and San Rocco’s Knucklez are at home in Long Island New York, both scored well
on their temperament test and were in the top 20 percent for heightened guard dog instincts. 



While some breeds have been changed over time to make certain characteristics stand out and allow for a more marketable breed this has not been prevalent with the Cane Corso, at least not yet. Showing a dog in the ring is something we do to evaluate our breeding stock, however, our emphasis is on health and temperament first and foremost. It’s wonderful to have a Champion dog, but what good is he or she if they cant be trusted in the home?

We like to think of ourselves as well as rounded and breeding the perfect Cane Corso that combines all the right ingredients towards the perfect life companion. Elite Italian bloodlines, excellent health, and excellent temperaments.

A quick look at our Instagram or our website and you will see many happy dog and puppy owners sending us photos and telling us of the puppy they adopted that has such an excellent temperament. So how does San Rocco Cane Corso do it? How do we stand out from the rest? 

It’s very simple…”What you put in you will get out in return”. we put a lot of hard work into making sure our pups receive the proper health and nutrition and when they get to 5 weeks we implement a very strict hybrid protocol we developed. As an AKC evaluator as well as a registered Therapy dog evaluator with Therapy Pets Unlimited, we have combined the best of all aspects to be sure the dogs as well as the pups we have are to the highest temperament standards.


therapy cane corso

The temperament of a Cane Corso is very simple its the traits outlined for the breed standard. The Cane Corso must be an alert guardian on the farm as well as with their family.

We use a special testing procedure we designed specifically for the Cane Corso.  Our testing combines several methods is a hybrid of the Vulhoors puppy training, New Skete Monks as well as some methods used by Therapy Pets unlimited as well as the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. 

We feel that combining all the above methods makes for a perfect well-rounded puppy and dog. What do we do if one of our dogs does not meet this test? It’s simple since we have raised our dogs from puppyhood we have not had this problem, however, we have cut many of the import pups that we got from Europe based on lack of temperament or some physical traits that did not meet our standards.

Can a Show Dog or Guardian Dog also be a Therapy Dog?

Absolutely!  The Cane Corso is a very intelligent breed and they know the difference between visiting an old age home to show some love to the elderly and a suspect robbing your home. We have been informed that there are some breeders out there saying the contrary and this is nonsense. My cousin in Italy (Paolo Mastrapasqua) has dogs who have won the Italian championship with police dog training and have also won awards for their work in therapy. We have known about the Corsos for many years since our grandparents come from Puglia, this is the area they were bred back from near extinction. We are happy to share more details with you on the temperament process as we do not believe in withholding out valuable yet easy to learn simple techniques to shape temperaments and test.




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