Best Natural Shampoos for your Dog

Best Natural Shampoos for your Dogs

This is an article I hope you enjoy and gain an introduction on why I use ‘all natural shampoos’ for my dogs and puppies. The reason I decided to write an article on the best natural dog shampoos, is many people give their dogs a bath often, therefore this can have a direct impact on their health. I feel many of us are using shampoos that may be harmful to our dogs health. I was one of those people. Many years ago, I would use any available human shampoo on dogs and in many cases  some dry scaling would appear within a few days after using the shampoos. I have to admit, I would fall victim for those great shampoo and soap commercials. Do you remember the Irish spring commercials? This is a great example of Madison Avenue marketing at its best!  Fact is Irish Springs soap did nothing but dry out my dogs skin and is loaded with synthetic chemicals.

To give you an example here is the Soap I used on my dog. I am referring to soap since many will use soap as a shampoo on dogs as I did.

Here is an example of the Irish Spring soap:

shampoo for dogs


Fact  is many of these ingredients are toxic and can cause allergies. Take a look at this link that measures ingredients and their effects on our bodies, one can conclude this can do the same for dogs if not worse.
Here is some concerns as per the website of EWG.ORG

Other HIGH concerns: Multiple, additive exposure sources,Contamination concerns, Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs), Miscellaneous,Occupational hazards, Persistence and bioaccumulation; Other MODERATE concerns: Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive); Other LOW concerns: Enhanced skin absorption, Cancer, Data gaps,Ecotoxicology

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Good for Babies right? Must be good for Fido?

Now take a look at the shampoo that my wife would use on our first child from birth until about one year of age.  I thought this would be a good choice because after all its for babies right? WRONG!!!! THINK AGAIN. This is a shampoo markets for babies yet it contains chemicals that can harm us. Thank you Johnson and Johnson for caring so much about our babies….NOT!!!


shampoo for dogs

Here is EWC.orgs study below…

Other HIGH concerns: Biochemical or cellular level changes, Multiple, additive exposure sources, Contamination concerns, Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs), Miscellaneous, Occupational hazards; Other MODERATE concerns: Cancer, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive); Other LOW concerns: Data gaps, Ecotoxicology

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Just because a shampoo says its echo friendly does not mean it is natural.

I suggest: Do not pay too much attention to the photo of the pretty pup or dog on the front of the bottle or container, instead go straight to the ingredients.

Here is the bottom line. Synthetic ingredients can irritate and aggravate the skin of dogs with allergies, so avoid anything less than organic, or come very close to this. Residue left behind on the skin can also cause itching, even with the safest shampoo.

Since most human shampoos are worse than dog shampoos, keep them away from dogs, as these contain chemicals that are too harsh for a pooch’s delicate skin. Human shampoos tend to irritate and dry out a dog’s skin.

Like people, dogs have skin types: Normal, dry, and oily. Skin flaking may indicate dry skin, while oily skin will leave a residue-type “sensation” when you run your fingers through a dog’s coat. If neither of these issues is present, then skin is considered normal. A veterinarian can assist in determining skin type.

The Shampoo I use for my Dogs

Life’s Abundance Revitalizing Shampoo

best natural dog shampoo

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Of course there are lots of good shampoos out there, since I was asked what I think is the best, I wanted to share my favorite shampoo. This I feel Life’s Abundance is the best shampoo for dogs. It does not dry our dogs skin and cleans very well. When we take our dogs to shows we use this shampoo as our first choice because of its beautiful shine.

Here is the description from their website.
“Pamper your precious pet with a revitalizing botanical infusion of organic rosemary and sage. Enhanced with the nourishing essences of coconut and palm kernel oil, Revitalizing Shampoo naturally cleanses and beautifies coats. Even a small dollop of this conditioning formula works into a luxurious, foamy lather, to deeply cleanse and leave coats silky, fragrant and tangle-free. The luscious scents of mango and kiwi mingle with energizing citrus notes to bring out natural shine. Natural antioxidants from organic rosemary and sage help prevent damage from weathering and environmental factors. Natural emollients help soften hair and give the coat more body.

Revitalizing Shampoo doesn’t just mask odors … moisture activated odor-fighters react immediately to absorb and neutralize tough pet odors. All that’s left after a bath is a beautiful coat, fragrant with a delicate citrus aroma. Gentle enough for puppies and kittens over 12 weeks of age. Item Size: 12 fl. oz.”


No take a look at the ingredients on this product, its the best I have seen with regards to any pet shampoo!

Ingredients: Filtered Water (aqua), Certified Organic Herbal Infusion of Salvia Officinalis (Sage) and Rosemarinus Officinalis (Rosemary)¹, Natural Essences of Mangifera Indica (Mango), Actinidia Chinensis (Kiwi), Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit Oil) and Citrus Limonum (Lemon Oil), Vegetable Glycerin USP, Gentle Cleansers of Alpha Olefin Sulphonate (Coconut) and Cocamidopropyl Betaine (Coconut), Glycol Stearate, Oleth-10 (Palm Kernel Oil), Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Ordenone™, Methychloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone, Botanical Fragrance.
¹ Certified by Oregon Tilth
Ordenone™ is a trademark of Belle-Aire Fragrances, Inc.


Great for Blue Colored and Light colored coats on dogs – I have found that these coats are naturally lighter, so prone to more skin dryness. You may want to be sure if your dogs coat is blue or light in color to be that more vigilant to provide a natural moisture associated shampoo. Add coconut oil to a dogs food can be a great help as well as a good moisturizing natural shampoo.

In close, why do Americans buy shampoos with chemicals that are harmful? Why should we use natural ingredients? Some may say its all the same! or I don’t believe that Organic nonsense! No wonder I hear stories from people all the time about their prior dogs dying young, many Vets will never link health to diet, to me this is absurd. This is like not linking the speed of your car to the horsepower of your engine.

With the large corporations it will always  be about money as long as large corporations are focusing on profits and the largest return for their shareholders. These public companies will continue to cut their costs with low cost ingredients like harmful chemicals, instead of using natural ingredients so as to increase their profit margins. I am sure these companies will be in business for many years to come since we are programmed to use them each day, unless of course we watch less commercial programming. Did you ever wonder why they call it programming….I will let you ponder this question. 😉

I hope many of you reading this article will become more health conscious and be more attentive to what we use on our children and dogs, and together we can make a positive impact!

Thanks For Reading!




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