Cane Corso Dog Training Tips

Cane Corso Dog Training Tips

I have noticed over the 10 years of raising this wonderful breed is that it is very important to socialize each and every puppy from birth until the day they go home. The Cane Corso dog has an inherent protection instinct that makes them a wonderful guard dog, however when not guided in the proper direction with little or no socialization as a puppy, this powerful breed may become socially withdrawn and at worst ‘aggressive’.

When we lived in New York, my wife and I would volunteer at the ASPCA animal shelter to help train dogs and increase their chances of getting adopted into a new home, at that time the Cane Corso was not a popular breed and the breed that we were constantly working with was the ‘pitbull’ , however things have changed and as more people adopt this great breed many will make the same mistakes they have made with other breeds that ends up leaving their dog in a shelter when these behaviors could have been prevented early on.

Our of frustration of seeing many wonderful dogs with bad habits I decided to start breeding and we moved our family from NYC to Va in 2008. We still provide training for dogs, however we specialize in Cane Corso Training and I would like to share some basis tips  to help you mold your Cane Corso properly.


Cane Corso Training Tips:

1.)  Socialize Early:  The period before 15 weeks is very important to the future of your Cane Corso. If the puppy is not socialized and kept locked in the home or in a kennel this puppy will become more weary and might be scared of strangers. Some dog trainers may recommend puppy day care and this is fine, however  I think the Cane Corso needs more social interaction so be sure to take your puppy to dog friendly stores like Lowes and Home Depot. Your puppy needs to get our and see the world, this is the only way you can build confidence and a strong socially inclined dog.

2.) Early obedience training: As soon as you get your Cane Corso home you should start training, they can be very basic commands. The working dog loves to participate in training and its important to make sure you provide that stimulation.

3.) Lead Your Cane Corso : The Cane Corso will watch your behavior and pick up thing that other breeds will not, they are smart and alert to your body language.  Be sure to provide leadership by making him sit before being feeding, make him sit while you are eating and be sure to be the first one out the door before your dog steps out. A great  way of providing leadership, is to start a good early social program.

4.) Socialize, Socialize! Go beyond your social puppy walking in the park! If your puppy was never taken out of the yard for the first four months, he will be shy and things are going to be difficult for you. If he was not properly socialized as a puppy, or even if he was, you should socialize him as an adult to reduce shyness and lessen the chances of him developing aggression to other dogs. Shyness may be learned or inherited and your Cane Corso may run and hide or stand and bite. When you take your dog out for a walk bring a treat to reward, howver don’t over due this method or you will get a dog who begs for treats. If you wanted your Cane Corso to be extra friendly with strangers you can have some strangers give them a treat, however if you plan on using him or her for guarding skip this process and just participate in common sense socializing methods.

5.) Stop aggression at the root: Stop this behavior in any way from the start never let a growl elevate beyond common puppy communication. Its important to place your Cane Corso on their back to lt them know who is the boss, do this from early on.

5.) No Aggressive Play: The members of this breed of dog are natural guardians and are usually suspicious of strangers, other animals, and sometimes even of objects. Watch how you use play toys, do not play tug a war with them using a play toy they will see how much stronger they are than a human

Do you have a Cane Corso in need of Training? I make time each week to train large breeds (specifically Cane Corsos) with obedience techniques, I have trained for law enforcement as well as rehabilitated aggressive dogs prior to adopting into homes.

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