Grain Free Diet for Your Cane Corso

Grain Free Diet For Your Cane Corso


grain free dog food for cane corsos

I often wonder why people would invest a pretty penny in their new family member, and not invest in the overall well being of their Cane Corso with a good dog food. Its no wonder dog allergies are at all time highs, and prescription medications for treatment are at an all time in terms of use for pets. Are we a society that cares nothing about the root of our health problems? Our medical system seems to always try to treat the problem rather than trying to prevent the health problem. Why? Well, I will save this for another article, but my theory is it’s a lot more lucrative to prescribe medications, than to alter your diet to increase your canines immune system.


The GMO Problem?


So what is a GMP? Genetically modified organisms. When organisms are modified in a lab then injected into seeds to alter the genetic makeup. Does not sound that bad, in fact it sounds kind of cool. Fact is, there is evidence that many of us just can’t digest this partially man made food, and as a result a plethora of health issues may arise. I will touch on this issue briefly. I am in the camp that agrees that GMO’s can be detrimental to ones immune system. I try to avoid GMO’s at all costs. I once decided to add a Vegetable oil and my dog had an immediate allergy. When I switched to a non GMO vegetable oil my dog was fine. Every dog is different, however I have learned its better to be safe than sorry, so for me its NO GMOs whenever I can.

Grain or Not?

The last time I fed grain dog food was about 10 years ago to my Pitbull Terrier. I was tired of going to the Vet when he had skin allergies only to hear them tell me it was a pollen allergy reaction. When he had allergies in the Winter, then I knew for sure the Vets had no clues! I decided to do some serious research on my own.  I decided not to give my dog the medication anymore, and instead I just changed his dog food. Well within 2 weeks he was fine and I never bought that Walmart junk dog food again. It was clear to me that my dog had an allergy to grain.  As I progressed I eventually upgraded beyond grain free to adding some ‘raw meat’ to my dogs diets. I will touch on ‘raw meat’ in another article, for this article lets just stick with ‘grain free’ dog food talk. I learned an amazing lesson from this. I learned most Vets, although they may be very nice people, are just not trained in overall health prevention, rather the treatment of health problems. The Father of modern medicine told us “Let food be your medicine and Medicine be your food”. Why is this not quoted more? I feel its because the health care industry just males way too much money, and you can only make so much money on good food and herbs.

So what do I feed my Cane Corsos?

For starters I only look at dog foods that are grain free, then I break the dog foods down according to protein and the amount of meat they include in their food. For example ‘Natures Domain’ Turkey, I used in the past because this is a good middle tier dog food, however after doing research on the huge amount of bad reviews and recalls I reconsidered. I also would like to point out the government allows turkey meat to contain hormones which makes turkey a more risky meat if its no organic.

‘Taste of the Wild’ for the most part, is almost the same dog food as the ‘Natures Domain, just a different recipe from the same company. Both of these dog foods are made by  Diamond Pet Foods, a billion dollar dog food giant. I read some nasty stories of Salmonella poisoning a few years ago with their Salmon flavor. I become concerned when my dogs had a soft stool from ‘Taste of the Wild’ so I decided to do more research and stop feeding them this food.

grain free dog foods for your italian mastiff


It is a good all around ‘grain free’ food and is reasonably priced. On the high end Nulo is a good food with a high protein content and a pro biotic. You can get pro biotics and just add to your dogs food, so in reality this dog food is a bit on the pricey side and not really practical.

cane corso dog food


Nulo is a good dog food, however, it comes at a price. I paid $60.00 for 24 pounds, and my dog food bill was over  $500 per month on dog food alone. I do not mind paying more money for good dog food, however it must be justified. I can say if your breeding for the money, I can tell you, that your better off working at Mcdonalds as it will pay more. My dogs are my passion, and watching them grow healthy with great temperaments is the goal.


Now for Lifes Abundance, my top choice. It is not only affordable its fresh and comes from a very small company that has NEVER had one single recall. This food is formulated by a holisitc Vet and the company has been in business since 1998. Once my dogs took a sniff of the fresh smell of this food they were sold.
Unlike the food above all my dogs love the taste of this premium and very affordable food. I still have two dogs who are a bit picky no matter what food I feed them, however  I add a little bit of the Life’s Abundance Moist Dog Food to their kibble and it works great.




Here is the comparison table to show the price per day is significantly less than other comparable brands.

See Video To Compare Life’s Abundance Dog Food.


Here is a short video I made on a review of some no grain dog foods you can feed to your Cane Corso.


Feel free to post any comments on you experiences with any of these dog foods on this page.







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