Cleaning Up After Your Puppy

Cleaning Up After your Puppy

Cleaning up after your puppy can be a chore especially if you have rugs where your puppy has an accident.
I am going to keep this article simple and just focus on tile and hardwood floors since my home is mostly hardwood and tile.

cleaning up after your puppy

As puppy lovers, we often put up with cute puppies as we train them. One reason I decided to breed the Cane Corso is because my previous attempts to train puppies were very challenging, a few puppies I purchased (Bichon Frise and Amstaffs) we very difficult to house train. I did extensive research, an then discovered the breeders did not keep their puppy areas clean, so the pups ended up accepting a dirty area as ‘ok’. This motivated me to create a breeding program that not only provided intense socialization, but kept the puppy areas very clean to allow for faster household training. We also understand that accidents will happen in the beginning, but cleaning up after puppies can be frustrating.  Below are a few ideas I hope will help you to clean up more efficiently.

 Paper Towel and Vinegar Method For Cleaning Up After Your Puppy

I struggled with many different cleanup methods. The old fashioned paper towel method works, but can be time consuming. I use vinegar as the cleaning agent, since it is naturally strong against odors and keeps the pups from going back to the same area to soil. The vinegar odor is temporary and goes away in 24 hours since this smell is also biodegradable…neat!

Mop Method for Cleaning Up After Your Puppy

The problem with mopping floors is you often have bacteria buildup in the mop bucket that you are using since you are using the same water. For this reason, bacteria can spread fast and I do not use this method.

I have discovered a method to cleaning my hardwood floors and tile easily and faster.

Vacuum Method

I decided to research using an effective way to cleanup and discovered the Hoover floormate. I purchased mine for $140.00 on sale at Walmart. So far it has worked well and cuts cleanup time in 1/2.
Using the Hoover Floormate is an easy way to clean. When you are done, you simply dump the dirty water. After every other use, I clean the  brushes with vinegar to naturally sanitize them.

Here is a video of my floormate at work. If you enjoy this video, please give me a ‘like’. You can join me on my twitter and my Youtube.


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