Socializing Your Cane Corso

Socializing Your Cane Corso


I often get many emails on the Cane Corso. I am happy to answer these questions, so keep them coming. This is my passion, and I enjoy answering questions.

socializing your cane corso
Good Cane Corso Citizens! – Rico and Majesty get admired by the local Police


Here are some questions I frequently get asked:

When Should You Stop Socializing Your Cane Corso?

The answer is do not stop socializing your Cane Corso when they get older.  You must continue to socialize your Cane Corso as long as you own the dog. It is not only the right thing to do for the breed, its the right thing to do for the dog. You will have a very happy dog after they get lots of love from strangers. You will find once they get their feet wet,  they will love all the attention. If you have a Cane Corso that you feel is not very friendly, you can begin with a muzzle, then as they become acclimated to strangers, you can take the muzzle off.


Will My  Cane Corso Be a Good Guard Dog  if I socialize them often?

Absolutely YES! The Cane Corso is a guard dog, this is their breed instinct, and they will continue to provide protection for your family. They have been bred for thousands of years for this job, and they will not stop doing their job because they went to the town fair for socializing. Socializing your Cane Corso will help them in a big way to relax and be more self confident.  You can be sure that regardless of how long your Cane Corso is socialized, they  will continue to protect in their house if necessary while still being a socialite on the outside when needed. So, in short, no need to be worried that your dog will not do his or her job at home.



Socializing your Cane Corso Dog – Some Procedures

As your dog matures their socialization should continue as I mentioned early on in this article.

You may sometimes notice a regression period in your Cane Corso when they begin to become sexually mature. They may begin to act as though they were not socialized, this is natural. You can compare this period to that of a teenager maturing in their puberty stage, they may become confused and wonder what is happening to their bodies. Your Cane Corso may be periodically cautious and fearful even to things he was formerly comfortable with. It is very important during this phase that you remain positive and supportive but you must also be careful not to encourage the behavior by praising  incorrectly. Participating in pupy classes is a great idea, you may have access to a trainer who is familiar with your Cane Corso and  can evaluate your actions and insure that you are handling the situation correctly. It is very easy for an owner to accidentally reward incorrect behavior by consoling or giving treats while your Corso is exhibiting fearful behavior, be prudent and careful in your training!

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