Crate Training Your Cane Corso

Crate Training Your Cane Corso


Crate training your Cane Corso is just like crate training any other puppy. Personally, I find it a bit easier as I think this breed is smarter than most, so you may just find it easier than other breeds. So what is Crate Training? It is when we use a cage to place our puppies in so as to not only for house train but also provide comfort. To understand crate training your Cane Corso properly, we must first understand how wolves behave. Wolves bear their young in a den, this den offers protection for the puppies from other animals as well as providing warmth needed for survival. So we must understand the Wolves to properly understand why dogs have no problem going in their cages since they feel it is a place for comfort. What I have noticed is the only time they seem to not want to be in the cage is when they have not learned that the cage is a comfort.


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Above is Rico near his crate. This crate is 48 inches x 33. It will easily fit a full grown Cane Corso.

What Not To Do When Crate Training Your Cane Corso

1.) Make sure that you do not keep your puppy in  a crate for too long. Keeping the pup in a cage and not allowing them to release outside will  force the puppy to accept that going to the bathroom in their cage is ok, and they will get accustomed to it. This is one very big problem that may exist with a Cane Corso Breeder. It is important for the Cane Corso Breeder to begin crate training from the start, before you pick your puppy up.

2.) Do not force your puppy into the cage, have patience and lace a bone or a toy in the cage so they will take the initiative and go in on their own. This method will create a more confident up, one that feels more secure.


Crate Training Your Cane Corso – Getting Started

Crate training can be accomplished in several days, or may take several weeks, depending on the age, temperament, and previous experiences your puppy has had.
1: When you begin make sure you place  the crate in an area with supervision, such as the family room or kitchen. I typically put a little blanket in the crate and invite the puppy in with a happy voice.

2: Feeding your puppy in the crate is a good way to teach them that the crate is a happy place. They will need to go to the bathroom typically 15-20 minutes after they eat so be sure to allow some time to let him or her out.


Limit punishment in the crate when training your Cane Corso to just a simple 5-15 minute time out. I find this works best and will keep the idea of crate training as a positive thought in the mind of your puppy. At San Rocco Cane Corso we understand not everyone has the time for Puppy Training, for this reason we offer a service  for our customers as well as others with puppies.


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