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Cane Corso Puppy Training Program

cane corso puppy training

The Cane Corso is not only an amazing breed as a family member, they are also used to help humans in many ways. The Cane Corso is the preferred dog for  Police operations in Southern Italy, because of their very dependable temperaments, and high level of intelligence. We are able to train for security operations, as well as ‘seeing eye dogs’. We have a variety of partnerships with several Cane Corso Puppy Training organizations across the Country to help your future Dog obtain the necessary credentials for public service.

Are you just looking for a simple Cane Corso Training course to help facilitate your puppies learning? Look no further we have services to help meet your needs.


Experience: We are experienced professional trainers. Our canine personal training experience spans over 20 years, our professional public experience is 5 years. We are a certified (AKC) Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

We are approved by A.K.C. to conduct the following tests on puppies and dogs.

· AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy
· Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
· AKC Community Canine (CGCA)


canine good citizen trainer

If you are interested in Cane Corso Puppy Training, then consider the San Rocco ‘Puppy Cadet’ training service. For an additional fee, your San Rocco puppy can come home Crate trained, with age appropriate on leash obedience, initial socialization and a foundation in potty training. We carry on the Cane Corso Temperament conditioning that we are known for.

The Cane Corso puppy is brought into our home and lovingly taught in a family setting. We raise them up like they are our own. WE ONLY ACCEPT ONE PUPPY TRAINING STUDENT PER MONTH INTO OUR TRAINING PROGRAM TO ENSURE YOUR PUPPY GETS PROPER ATTENTION.

Here are a few videos on our Puppy Training Program.



With our Cane Corso Puppy Training program, your puppy will learn in a house filled with activity, sounds, smells and children. They learn basic on leash obedience; the commands heel, sit, stay and down. By the time your puppy is 13 weeks they are ready to go home. With the good foundation laid by San Rocco and consistency by the client, obedience and housebreaking can be easily maintained. We will spend 1 hour with you when you pick up your puppy to discuss easy steps you can take to ensure these habits stick.

Here is the info we offer for your puppy:


We now offer a program where we keep the puppy for an additional 5 weeks and perform the following:

*      Sit & Stay
*      Crate Training
*      Leash Training
*      Imprinting – when the puppy looks to humans for guidance and direction.
*      Socialization
*      Confidence
*      Learn their name
*      Learn “Off”, and “no” commands
*      No jumping
*      No mouthing/biting
*       No putting paws on people
*       Sit before they go in/outside
*       Sit before they are fed
*       Accepting a hand in their food
*       Taking treat/toy “easy” from your hand
*      Accepting a toy/treat being taken out of their mouth

The price for the 5 week puppy program, is $1,900.00 for puppies purchased through San Rocco.

Due to popular demand we began offering our Large Dog breed training courses. All courses are taught with dog owners, we meet twice per week in Norther Virginia. Please email us at info(at)sanroccocanecorso.com


For more info on the Cane Corso Puppy Training Program, please call or email us via our contact form.  From time to time we post special offers on our Facebook and Twitter.

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