Feeding Your Cane Corso

Feeding Your Cane Corso a Healthy Natural Diet


Feeding your Cane Corso often takes alot of time and effort if you want a healthy Dog that will live well past the lifetime of their 10 year expected lifespan.


feeding your cane corso


I will give you an example of healthy eating. We have a 5 year old Rabbit that has never had health problems, she is a Dwarf rabbit that loves children. If you chat with most Rabbit owners they will tell you that their Rabbit only lived 1 or 2 years. The fact of the matter is “You are what you eat”! Our Rabbit has never had Rabbit pellets and lives on a diet of Organic greens and Carrots as well as Alfalfa daily. With that said, we are in a Country with tons of fat people eating tons of junk food. It is no wonder that Americans see Cancer popping up in Dogs like never before, since we feed our Dogs junk. When I was living in my last home in Brooklyn New York, I actually had a neighbor that was torturing their 15 year old poodle by giving it Chemo treatments twice per month. Can you imagine what we have come to as a society? We create many diseases then we want to treate them? The Dog would howl in pain for days after its treatment, to top it off the owner of the dog was a Human Doctor??? Just what are they teaching these so called experts in Medical School?…to Medicate of course… Anyrate …I will save that for another topic… Ok back to the Dogs.

A Cane Corso is considered to be one of the most ancient Dogs known to humans. This breed has been known by many names but one in particular is the Cane Di Macellaio. In Italian this means “Butcher Dog” or  “Meat Market Dog”. They would help butchers transport meat to the slaughter prior to the modern equipment we have today. Are you going to tell me the dog was eating purina back then? What about the fact tht for thousands of years they have been used for hunting, were they eating corn with puppy chow? Ok, so times have changed so…does this mean dogs should be eating genetically modified corn as the first ingredient in their dog food? NO!!! well you can try it but I guarantee you will be paying alot in vet visits in years to come as your Dog battles chronic allergies as well as Cancers from the artificial ingredients they are eating.

On this page I share my preferred kibble that I have been feeding my dogs since 2015. This dog food has no recalls and as you can see is one of the best values among the best dog food names.

These are the two types I feed my dogs. I use the Lifes Abundance no  grain, as well as the all stages with no corn, wheat or soy. Please note this is not organic, however its the closest you can get at a reasonable price for your dog.

I feed my dogs treats and sometimes cook, however, I do not always have the time. I reply on a good kibble, see the details below on the comparison chart.


cane corso dog foodbest dog food for mastiffs


order lifes abundance

healthy dog foods for mastiffs


Compare Lifes Abundance dog food to some dog foods I have tried in the past, and you will see why I have switched:

Compare to Artemis brand dog food

Compare to Newman’s Own Dog Food

Compare to Nutro Dog food

Taste of the Wild is a dog food I have used for a long time prior to finding life’s Abundance, I discovered not only did they have lots of recalls by Diamond pet food, (Billion dollar dog food giant who owns them), but they were not as good nutritionally.

Orijen is a decent dog food but its priced very high, and does not have probiotics, prebiotics, or vitamins.


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Here is another video on Feeding your cane corso, this video talks more about healthy store bought Dog food since we do not always have time to cook for our doggie friends.

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