Training Puppies Around Children

Training Your Puppies Around Children

Training your puppies around children is simple. Understanding this simple process that I have discovered can save you a lot of time and accidents. When we considered the purchase of our first Cane Corso we had some concerns. If our son is 20 pounds, and our Cane Corso is 120, we thought this may create some major issues with possible accidents. I have many training books, and looked through them all to find out if there were any specific references to ‘Personal Boundary Training’ or something similar to help us understand the ‘Mannerism Process’ of Dogs, Pups and children. What I discovered there was no reference to this training process in any of my books. I decided to embark on an effective way to train my puppies to have manners that would carry into their Dog years, and provide them with a solid understanding of ‘Manners for Children’. This I would like to share with you….



Training Your Puppy – When To Start?

A good time to begin training puppies around children for  basic manners is at 8 weeks or later. These are just simple manners like ‘No Bite’, and just the word ‘NO’. Save the major command training for when they are older than 4 months. You may have noticed that puppies can be very absorbed in their surroundings. Too much training early on may hinder their  confidence and development. Puppies have an amazing willingness to learn, preventing them from learning, will just hinder the process of teaching them that you are the boss.



Personal Boundary Puppy Training

To start this process, get something to separate you from the puppies like a stick. You will find a stick works better than a hand. Using your hand means you will have to bend down alot to get in between you and your puppy. Make sure you begin with your child on the grass, in case he or she falls they will have a nice cushion. If you do not have access to grass a fluffy rug will help. When puppies move to close to my child I tell them ‘NO’ and back them off with the stick. It is important to not hit the puppies with your stick, and just simple us it as a boundary. Define how far you want your puppy to be away from your child and then stick with this strategy. This is a simple and effective way for training puppies around children.

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