Playing With Your Cane Corso

Playing  With Your Cane Corso

Training and Playing, A perfect Combination


cane corso playing

Interaction is an important Element in building a relationship with your Cane Corso. This process  involves more than just letting your dog out in the backyard for some ‘happy time’.  I always make it a point to play  with my dogs on a regular basis. This is important because it bonds dog to owner, and owner to dog. Like with any relationship, bonding is important to make the relationship enriching. You will find that your dog will respect you more, if they get directional attention. The term ‘directional attention’ I use in my dog and puppy training classes. I clearly define this as giving your dogs attention to direct in a positive reinforced fashion. By doing this continuously, you are actually training your dogs while playing. A good example of this would be, a dog who has a bad habit of jumping on you. When this happens, it’s simple…playtime stops and the dog will learn they will not get attention when they behave in this manner.

Relationship Bonding

Bonding can be done in many different ways when playing outside. Since the Cane Corso is a large dog, it is important they are taught early on how to play nice. Teach them to sit in an outside setting, make them stay and come to you on command. These dogs are working dogs and  have been bred for thousands of years to herd, guard estates and protecting farm livestock.  They are happy to work for us.  However, in our modern society, we may not relate to this, so it is important to know that our dogs will not behave in a ‘human like’ manner. Making commands as their work is fun to a dog. Now lets discuss some Cane Corso playtime adventures that you can take.


1.) Hiking: Since I live about 1 mile from one of the most beautiful top rated  parks in the United States, I am sure to make excuses to do hiking at least 3 times per week with my dogs. They learn important skills on behaving in public.

2.) Dog Training Class: During the warmer months, I like to host some fun dog training classes.  These will allow your dog to gain manners and learn how to behave around other dogs. Many dogs see training as ‘playing’ especially working breeds like the Cane Corso.

3.) Fun in the Yard: If you do have a yard…. use it! I cannot tell you how much fun it can be to jog with a pet on my own property. They keep me going as they always make me feel like I am out of shape no matter how long I run, this really motivates me.

4.) Throw a Ball: I always throw balls of some kind to create enthusiasm and a fetch game. I will do this with a group of dogs, so they will understand how to behave around each other and not engage in negative behavior if they do not get a ball.

5.) Corsos Love Rivers: I live near a gorgeous River in Virginia.   Whenever weather permits, I take my dogs to get some fun in the water. Cane Corsos are typically not prepared for very cold climates in the water, so if its 70 degrees or higher I will consider this.


Here is a shot video I made when playing with my Cane Corsos in the snow.



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