Should I feed My Cane Corso Raw or Cooked Bones?

Should I feed My Cane Corso Raw or Cooked Bones?


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In the past I grew up with the notion that giving the dogs your table scrap bones was the best way to go. Growing up, we would give our dogs cooked beef bones, never chicken bones, because as my Father said “They will splinter”. Years later, in doing my research, I discovered this is nonsense. It is not just chicken bones that ‘splinter’ but ‘all bones’. I guess this explains why sometimes when you give your dog a cooked beef bone they have a hard time digesting it. I looked into raw bones about 10 years ago when my friend told me about the amazing health benefits. I was a skeptic at first, but after about a year of research I became a believer. One thing to remember is ‘raw bones’ are only as good as the meat. For example if you are going to feed your dog your typical ‘chuck steak’ bones raw, I feel its best to not even bother since the health benefits are greatly diminished. Bone marrow of your hormone based antibiotic fed beef, in my opinion, is NOT healthy. If you do your research, bone marrow contains a lot of toxins if the beef was exposed to a bad diet like many feed lot Cattle are. Conversely, you will get a significant amount of nutrients from well fed organic meat in the marrow that is immune enhancing. To give you an idea of the difference in nutrients, you can research natural cures for cancer and you will discover some treatment centers will feed patients bone marrow and organ meats (Gershwin Method)(organic of course) and the results are very good since they are loaded with nutrients.


Bottom line is cooked bones will splinter and are very rough on the digestive system, this explains why your dogs may regurgitate some of his or her bones after their cooked bone meal. I have never had that effect when my dogs eat raw bones.

If you are wondering where I buy my meat from..its Cottonwoodranch, they are a local beef ranch in Northern Virginia. They do not ship, however they will delivery locally if you live in Northern Va, or South MD.


grass fed meat for dogs




Here is a short video I made since I get lots of emails on this topic. I wish you all the best. If you like the video please ‘like it’, and subscribe to my youtube channel here.

Happy Dogs! and Happy Owners!




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