Placed Puppies

Placed Puppies

We get a great joy by seeing our puppies placed in loving homes and adding to their new families in a positive way. Our extensive effort in socializing them within the first 8 weeks of their lives, pays off when they enter their new families with a happy and confident attitude. Please send us photos to show us how your San Rocco Cane Corso is helping to impact your life in a positive way. We will do our best to  place some on our website

Below are a few photos of placed puppies that are enjoying their new homes. We have many photos we need to put up, so if you do not see the photos of your pup its not because we forgot about you, we promise to put it up soon.


champion cane corso maryland and virginia, North carolina, Pa.

Below is Bella who resides in the Philadelphia Pa area, Tracey is a dog lover and we are proud to have her as a customer.


cane corso puppy from Pa. Philadelphia

Below was one of many texts we receive from happy customers. chris  sent the text below when we came to visit us and see some of our dogs before he picked his puppy up. Chris Wilson resides with his family in North Carolina, Raleigh area. 

black brindle puppy

It has been a while since we posted our puppy photos from customers who send feedback, most of the photos come in texts so I typically post on our Instagram which you can see here our Cane Corso puppies. Instagram.



Bane is doing Great! .. we love him to death and he great with our daughter and our other animals! So happy with him. He’s already showing signs of being super productive of my wife and Daughter (Not aggressive) he like to put himself between my daughter and what ever he deems harmful, Dangerous, or makes him feel unsure hahaha. 

Gomez Family
New Jersey

Below is a photo of Bane wearing an American Flag Dog Collar courtesy of Roman Dog Collars.

american flag dog co


Maddox was adopted by Ivy who lives in Woodbridge Virginia, they named their dog Maddox.

blue mastiff puppy for sale




The Pratt Family came all the way Utah and drove to pick up their male Cane Corso Puppy……

“We love Rambo! Thank you so much for this puppy, he is smart. He already goes to the door asking to go potty.
We love him and look forward to updating you! ” (8/01/2019)

cane corso breeders

Mike had some feedback he wanted to share recently. He lives in Pennsylvania near Philadelphia and made
the trip to pickup his blue cane corso puppy.  


 cane corso breeder
“Hey everyone this is mike from culpeper. I got the puppy in August im the one with the kubota tractor and have the bears in back yard.  Took Ares to have nails trimmed up last week.  We are now 101 lb.  Big little boy. He is a great dog and loves to ride in the car. Every time we go out people say how beautiful he to have you see him some time. Here are some pictures .”
Culpeper Va.
cane corso training
 cane corso training
Hes doing great! Thank you, he’s a great puppy, smart and very good in temperament. Here is a photo of Diesel.
The Urquiza Family from Texas 
black cane corso puppy for sale
“Greetings Gerard,
Gunter is doing so well! A nice size Cane Corso at 76 pounds at 6 months. Here are some photos, thanks again we are very happy!, Steve, Richmond Va.”
 champion cane corso

“Hi Gerard,

 Wanted to share this photo today of the beautiful Lucca! 10 weeks old and definitely has Dads features.
We couldn’t be happier. ”
Jason C
cane corso blue puppy


“Thank you for the wonderful puppy. It was nice to visit and bring Khan back as well as get the new puppy from you.”
Michael Cooper, Alabama
large breed puppy
(above is Khan, son of Princess at 1.5 years of age as Michael visited from Alabama to get another San Rocco puppy.)
Happy Holidays to you and your family. Hope all is well with you and your family. Just wanted to share. She is growing up nicely. Getting tall and starting to fill out. Starting IPO training Monday. 
Kenneth, NJ
cane corso brindle puppy
Rocky is beautiful! and extremely smart.
Y’all did a great job of pairing up the parents
We couldn’t be happier. He truly is a remarkable dog.
Get several co compliments a day on our walks.
Thank You,
Chris Jacobs
Jacksonville Florida
black cane corso import champion
Dear Gerard,
Havoc is a great dog! He weighs about 130 and is 11 months old.
He is smart and is a great friend!
Thanks Again,
Bryan Va
formentino cane corso puppy

We had Voltron’s ears done. He was such a good boy, and got major compliments from the staff at the vet’s office and from a woman who was a Great Dane breeder who shows her dogs. She told us he was one of the best Cane Corsos she has seen, definitely conformation material, and she was so impressed with his temperament. She said we must have found a really great breeder- we said, “of course!” 🙂
Here are a few pics, will send some after he’s healed up and stitches out.
Linnea said, “oh, now he looks like a tiny Cane Corso!” (she’s so literal at 7!)

Have a great weekend!
Cyndi, N.C.

blue cane corso



Just wanted to let you know that our puppy has been growing amazing. She looks like a panther with her amazing black coat. We cropped her ears and she’s looking great.

My sister and mom tell me that everyone in LA have been complementing them about her.

Los Angeles, California


Here is Stella and Santino. Santino loves her. We are happy we adopted the second puppy from you as they are great together.  Great temperaments! We hope to start showing Santino soon as he looks very nice and we get many compliments.
Thanks again,
Garret and Kate, Pa.

Hey, Gerard & family!

This is Angelo and Regina Morlino. First, we ADORE our Cane Corso puppy, XENA. She is such a treat. 

Which brings us to our next point – do you have any current litters or upcoming litters with any puppies available? We think XENA would love a playmate!

Let us know. Thanks!

Angelo & Regina

formentino cane corso
Achilles is doing great! Here are a few phots,  we adopted a Puggle rescue 2 weeks ago, they get along very well and love to snuggle. Achilles just passed positive puppy class and enjoys going to puppy play on Wednesdays.
Thank you,

We hope you all are doing well!!! We just wanted to send you a picture of Maverick and Nora. They are both doing very well and today I let them coexist with my chickens and they did well. Ha ha. Maverick just wants to play with them. He is a big ol kid! 🙂 Well again, hope everything is going good. Your dogs are so pretty! We enjoy seeing all the pics. Y’all take care and have a great night!

Whitney M.

Dayton, Texas

cane corsos from san rocco

blue cane corso


Congratulations to the Cerios family! They traveled from California to pick up their puppy in 3/2018. They broke the record for the furthest drive a family has made to pick up their puppy.


Hi Gerard,

Here are a few photos of Capo, he is almost two years old and is the best dog I ever had.

Thank You Again!

Long Island, NY

cane corso blue



We love our girl, she is 8 months old now, perfectly protective of our home and kids and very smart. Here are some photos.


Thank you again!






“Hello Gerard,

We are very happy that we decided to get a second puppy from you. Aldo is the best dog we ever had and his temperament is amazing. Aldo gets compliments from our Vet who tells us he is very well bred. Here is a photo of Leo and Aldo! Merry Christmas!


black cane corso champion





We named her Roxie, we love her! She is so smart and obedient. Here are some photos of her. 

Thanks again!


rothorm cane corso


Hi there! Just wanted to send you a pic of Luna. She is doing great! We love her so much! 

Thank You,


brindle cane corso



Just was wanted to share a picture of our Mars at 4 months old.  He is just gorgeous!  Sweet as a button!  Thank you for blessing our family! 












Hello Gerard, hope all is well with you and the family. Just wanted to shoot you a few pictures of Vincenzo. Big healthy boy, raw food diet has done wonders! Enjoy and thanks again. Talk to you soon.

Buce and Gina


  • Cane corso breeder



Titus is doing great, and Luna is a joy. She looks like her mother and is very smart. Titus will be six months soon. Here is a photo of both of them relaxing. 

Thank you again, 

Bodoah family N. Y.

Cane corso puppies sleeping




Just an update on the pup. She’s been awesome and great with the family. Hope all is well.



Obed, Va.




Hi Gerard,


My wife can’t get over how well behaved our pup is. He went to the Vet for first time and all is perfect!

Many thanks,

Tim B., New York


Good Afternoon,
Thank you for the quick response. We really do love Nora! She has been an amazing pet. I am amazed by her loyalty and patience with our boys. We could not have asked for a better dog for our family. 
Thank You Again!
Whitney M.
black cane corso import


Deva is almost 5 months and is close to 45lbs. I sent her to a puppy trainer and they stated she had an absolutely incredible temperament. I just want to thank you again. They had many people inquiring about the breeder and I gave them your information. Here’s a picture of her in place.

Thank You,
Kyle S.
Richmond Va.





Dear Gerard,

Thank you for the great puppy she is a hit! She is smart and gets along great with our cats. We love her. Here is a photo of San Rocco’s Cianna.


cane corso puppies for sale

San Rocco Cianna – 10 weeks old.

Hi Gerard,

Thank you for he great puppy we love her! She is smart and well behaved.


fawn cane corso puppy



Rino is doing great! Vet said his health is excellent.
I named him after soccer player Gennaro ‘Rino’ Gattuso. He has been such a great puppy and is so good with other dogs. All I hear from people is how good he looks and how sweet he is. I’m really glad our poaths crossed and i’m looking forward to keeping in touch. All the best Gerard!


kane corso puppy


Hi Gerard,


Thank you for our pup.

We love our new puppy! Vet said he is a very well bred dog!
He is bonding well with our family!

West Virginia

blue cane corso puppy for sale


Here are some pics of our baby at 4 months old, we adore her. 🙂



san rocco cane corso pup


I hope that Princess is not too sad.  She is always welcome to visit!!
Circe tried to kiss Taniwha, but he was a little confused.  All in all they are fine together. She started drinking from his water bowl after she finished her own and that decided who is in charge😀
All the best,


formentino cane corso

Mr. Galetti (Above) is a native of Italy, he chose San Rocco Cane Corso after having the breed for 12 years while living in Florence. Thank you Mr. Galleti & family for adopting. Its an honor to have true Italians adopt from us. 


Just wanted to update you about Athena… She’s adjusting well and just a cute, smart, still teeny little thing!!! She’s already starting to go outside in her own, to potty. Using the crate somewhat but still afraid of having the door closed – that will take time. She has so much energy, and I have a big house, so she entertains herself just running around in all that space and she LOVES being outside!!  She loves all the toys and puppy treats she gets too!!
My other two aren’t too happy about her yet but that takes time as well… Good thing is she’s not phased by them at all. They tend to be observing her at the moment, they just keep their distance. They’re definitely a little jealous but it’s getting better everyday, very slowly.
She does so good out of the house too. She’s already been in the car on several car rides, to visit friends and go to the vet…. And even went to a business meeting I had at my lawyer’s office; they loved her… She just slept in my lap the whole time, until she needed to go out. She’s such a good girl!!
Here are some photos of her adjusting/settling in 😁. Everyone loves her and thinks she’s the cutest thing they’ve ever seen!!
Thanks Again!
grey cane corso puppy


Here is a video of Athena playing.


Ricos daughter at 9 months old (above)



formentino cane corso


Hello Gerard,

This dog is without a doubt the most awesome pet I have ever owned. She is super intelligent and EVERYONE says she is beautiful. We are glad to have purchased from you…AMAZING BREED!!! Thanks Again!


Jack Arnold

New York


Here she is canoeing on a recent trip!


Hi Gerard,


Here is a video of Onyx at 6 months old, she is a great puppy!
She’s amazing and loved so much by everyone who meets her! The boys love playing and so does onyx!
Thanks Again!









Hi Gerard,

Here is Tank. He is the most intelligent dog I ever had.
He is loving but also protective of the house and family. He is super athletic. Most of all I can’t thank you enough for all the support you have given me. You truly care about your dogs.


Thanks Again,

Nick W.



 Vinny (Son of Rico, and largest out of his litter) above at 5 months old, already 70 pounds.
Hi, there.
I think he will get to 130 lbs as you predicted.  He is a wonderful dog.  He eats well, no doubt.  He is not fat and has lots of energy.
On a separate note… mom just moved here with me from Italy and made me gain 10 lbs with her cooking.  I think she’s been slipping some good food to Vinnie as well.
Take care.  A risentirci al piu’ presto.





Hi Gerard,

Ajax is great! He is the best dog! not even 5 months and is 55 pounds! Thank You again!





black cane corso puppysan-rocco-puppy

Hello hello!!!

We just wanted to check in with you! Onyx has settled in and loves her brothers and sister!!! We love her so much and she’s brought such much more joy into our home. We are 1/2 way thru puppy class and she’s passing with flying colors so far. She catches on so quickly! She knows sit, stay, place (she’ll sit anywhere I tell her, like a rug, bed, stool, crate, couch etc), down, leave it, come, break (release from stay position), polite with her food and treats and super gentle. We haven’t had any accidents in the house for almost a week now so potty training is finally kicking in. Thanks again for everything Gerard! She’s such a blessing!

Tonia 🙂


black italian mastiff female

Hi Gerard,

Your female Cane Corso pup, our Maisie, is 16 weeks old today.

She is presently 38.4. You were also right about her temperament…she more than holds her own in rough & tumble of play with our adult Sibes. (We also have a 106-pound male Corso, but he only just tolerates her.)

She is now up to 2-mile daily walks, but still has much to learn about walking with a human.

She’s truly an affectionate, lovable little bundle! We very much appreciate your hard work in providing us with this addition to our family, and we hope all is well with your own family…thank you so much for Maisie!

Kind Regards,

John & Mary


fawn cane corso pup

Hey Gerard, I just thought I’d send you some pictures of Esta. She’s a great dog! Extremely smart, very playful & definitely a great guard dog. We just recently had her ears cropped. They did a great job. She’s 4 months & weighed 33 lbs yesterday at the vet. I’m so glad we chose to purchase from you. Your dogs have a great temperment. She’s exactly what we were looking for. Thank you again!
Sarah & Thad




blue cane corso puppy


Hey Gerard,

Hope all is well. I apologize it took me so long to get back to you. I just wanted to give you an update on Capo.

From the night I brought him home he has been a great pup. He’s unbelievably smart and well mannered. I take him everywhere with me and always get compliments on his behavior and his appearance because he’s so handsome.  He’s up to date on all of his shots and recently got his ears cropped. They are posted now because they had a bit of a fold I wanted to correct. He weighs 30 pounds and I can tell he’s going to be a big boy.  Attached are some photos from the day I picked him up to today. Thank you so much for this dog, he is exactly what I wanted. Talk to you soon.

-Nick Z. and Capo

Long Island, New York


Another wonderful Military family the Shah family adopted the Blue Brindle male from Princess X Rico…They write.


Hi Gerard,

Thank you again for the puppy. He is such a good dog! We can’t thank you enough! He looks very handsome!

Shah Family,


cane corso blue brindle puppy



Hi Gerard,

After a 16 hour ride home (Google Maps took us a completely different way home), we are back home and settling in.  Ajax is napping after a big afternoon outdoor play romp.  He was wonderful the ride home. He is vocal when he wants something or needs something, and at the risk of him training us versus the other way around, he let us know when he was hungry, thirsty and when he had to go to the bathroom.  Not a single accident the whole time.  He was very comfortable and balanced the way home.  Nick was waiting and they played and Ajax went to him immediately and curled up next to him.  It was all worth it. 🙂
We went to the vet this morning to start our file for him….he weighs 10 pounds 3 ounces and the doctor loved his temperament and disposition.  He was wonderful about all of the interactions so far. We even spoke with the surgeon who had printed off photos of ear crops he has done.
Thank you for the photo but more importantly, thank you for a wonderful companion and the goody bag we immediately played with when we got home last night.
I’m attaching some photos that I thought you and your family might like. 🙂
Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!!!!





all black cane corso


She is Great!
“Fancy” is adopting to a new place. She’s more playful with each hour. We will keep you updated in upcoming weeks.
Thank you.
Michal & Family

blue cane corso puppies





Dear Gerard,


Just wanted to email you a photo of Venice. She is doing great, and every morning she looks forward to sitting on my lap while I enjoy my coffee. She is smart and has an excellent temperament. I drove from Illinois to pick up Venice and waited 6 months for Chiara’s litter, I do not regret one minute! After my previous experience, I decided I wanted to get a dog from a breeder who truly cares about his dogs and puppies. I was right in choosing you, and I thank you very much.

Chicago, Illinois

San Rocco’s Venice

san roccos venice puppy


San Rocco’s received photos from Caleb from Michigan, he writes…..


Deacon is doing great.  Growing up fast and becoming very lovable yet still playful.

I have attached four pictures of him that I believe you will enjoy.






San Rocco's Deacon, owned by Caleb in MI.

San Rocco’s Deacon, owned by Caleb in Michigan





Hey Gerard,


Here is photo of Gage. He is the best dog we ever owned. He is obedient and solid as a rock!

Thanx again






Gage 8 months.

san roccos formentino puppy cane corso


Gage at 8 months


Hi Gerard,

Dux is doing well, what a joy of a dog he is. He is smart and a joy to be around. Everywhere we go we get compliments. His temperament is perfect, he listens like no dog I have ever see. His bone structure is perfect. The perfect family dog and protector.
Thanks again!

Michael & Family PA.


cane coso brindle puppy

Dux at 1 year.


Gerard, we are so happy with Enzo and love him, thank you for everything!Here are some more photos…

San Rocco’s Enzo at 8 months old enjoying his pool in South Hampton, Long Island, New York.

blue cane corso puppy

Gerard and Monica,


We want to thank you again for Enzo. He is very intelligent, easy to train and is a joy.  We all love him! Here is a priceless photo.


Thank You,

Dr. Joe D
South Hampton, Long Island, N.Y.

cane corso puppy with children



Dear Gerard,

Thank you for the wonderful puppy. We are keeping his name ‘Champion’ that your daughter named him. He is truly a great pup.


Rebecca & Family MD.

san rocco cane corso champion


Hi Gerard,


I named him Kratos, he is the best dog I ever had. He is very smart and has a great temperament. Here is a few photos! Thanks again!


Fort Worth, Texas



blue brindle cane corsosblue brindle puppy

13 weeks                                              9 weeks


Dear Gerard, Monica and Kids,

Thank you so much for Bella! She is so pretty, everywhere I go we get compliments on how beautiful she is. She is already sitting and knows several commands at only 9 weeks. She is already house trained and has an amazing temperament!


Francesco, (Va.)

san roccos blue puppy

AKC STAR Puppy passed at only 3 months.



Thank you so much for our new puppy. Bane is amazing! he is so smart and lovable!


blue cane corso puppy




Hi Gerard,

Hope all is well. Vader is doing great!. Here is a picture of him today enjoying the snow. Keep posting videos we enjoy them as a family!

Take care,
Scott, New Jersey



black cane corso male dog


Hello Gerard,

Hope you are well.  Just wanted to reach out and say thank you again for the greatest dog.  I have attached a photo of my boy.  Jax is a 120lbs and is everything a Cane Corso is supposed to be.  Strong as an ox and sweet as pie at the same time.  A great family dog and a ferocious guardian.
Thank you again and happy holidays.

Michael. Smith, N.J.


jax the cane corso puppy

Jax at 13 Months.



Shes doing great! She’s taller than my other dog now, shes growing so fast! My girlfriend is taking her through basic obedience class now and she is learning very fast.  I’m very happy with her, I’ll try and have my girlfriend get some good pictures of her to put up on your page, shes gorgeous.


cane corso puppies lucca

Lucca at 4 months old, owned by Josh and Candice in Virginia.


Sent 1-16-2015

Hi Gerard,
Happy New Year to you & your family. Lorenzo is wonderful and he is getting big.  He was 31 lbs last weekend.  He loves walking and playing outside. Everyone he meets just adores him. We start obedience training in February so I’m excited to see how that goes. I have a bunch of pictures on my ipad at home.  I’ll send a few when I get home.


san roccos black cane corso

black male cane corso pup





Nala is doing great 🙂 she’s an energetic pup to say the least. She’s EXTREMELY smart and very sweet. Her paws are huge! I’m thinking that she’s gonna be at least 100lbs. She’s almost 4 months and weighs 40lbs. I can’t thank you enough for her. She’s my baby 🙂

Sergio, Virginia

tan cane corso puppies

A compilation of Nala photos from 8 weeks to 5 months


Hi Gerard and Monica~
Hope 2015 is off to a wonderful start for you and the family! Skia is such an amazing addition to our family and we are beyond thrilled we have her. She is obedient and amazes us with her discoveries and resourcefulness ~ so much for the baby gate keeping her in the kitchen when we want her to stay in one place 🙂

Kate & Family, MD.

blue mastiff puppy






We really appreciate you and your family giving us opportunity to have this beautiful dog.  After having conversations with you we knew we will have a great member of family for years to come. Thanks for books and will stay in touch!
Dr. Miro,
Jacksonville, Florida
black cane corso puppy






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