Best Dog Collars for your Cane Corso Mastiff

Best Dog Collars For Your Cane Corso Mastiff


As you know the  Cane Corso is a large, medium energy breed. These dogs are very powerful, as well as affectionate, I have noticed over the years they get so happy to be with their owners they try their best to stay contained but sometimes the large pups cannot stop from being clumsy. It’s important to choose a collar that will be able to hold under the extreme sheer power that a Cane Corso is capable of, this is to the best interest of the owner as well as the stranger.

Of course, we know its very important when you are taking your dog for a walk that we have a VERY strong leash and a strong collar. For your dog’s safety, it is vital that you communicate and demonstrate that you are in control.

The best way to exhibit this control is through the use of a good collar or dog harness, it is also very important to have a good leash to go with this combo.  Collars come in many styles and varieties, and it can be difficult to judge which ones will and won’t work for you and your dog. I have seen some very weak think collars made of both leather and some made of nylon. I suggest a thick grade leather or nylon if you own a Cane Corso Mastiff.

So what’s the best collar for Cane Corso dogs?

I will touch on some of my favorite collars, their benefits to you and your dog, and highlight some products from Roman Dog Collars who make an excellent hand made product that I feel is the Strongest Cane Corso Dog Collars you can buy.

Why I prefer a collar over a harness

There is an ongoing debate as which is best a Cane Corso collar or harness.

Both have benefits and drawbacks, but the decision ultimately lies in your hands. It would also be wise to research your thoughts to make sure you are making the best decision for your dog. I personally choose a Good Strong Artisan Dog Collar for large breeds over a dog harness. I have tried harnesses on my Cane Corsos and they seem to jump into work mode and pull more because they think they are working. I mean think about it….horses wear harnesses, oxen, as well as many other animals over the years when working. Why then would we use a harness to control the movement of our dogs?  If you want your dog to pull a sled use a harness, if you want to control your dog and take them for a nice walk then use a dog collar.

I do use a Cane Corso Dog Harness but I do so with certain dogs I have that are trained to use one properly without pulling. Below you will see one of my large Males wearing a beautiful dog harness made by Roman Dog Collars.

cane corso dog harness


Wide Collars
Some may say a collar can hurt their necks if pulled with force, this can happen when using a very narrow dog collar. Its more likely to happen in a breed with less muscle on their necks such as a thin hunting type dog, however, it may still be a concern for any breed. The solution is simple, buy a nice strong thick collar with padding this can’t hurt the dog’s sensitive neck area, and still provide enough stopping and pulling power to show the dog a ‘NO’ with a motion control

Cane Corsos are powerful and can pose a threat of injury to you, another dog or person, or themselves, even if they don’t mean to.  When you hold your Cane Corso on the leash be sure to use two hands if needed, it’s not uncommon for a Cane Corso to pull fast if  they see environmental stimuli so it’s important to have two hands on the leash or you can damage your shoulder. 

Train Early
Be sure to train your dog early on in his or her life how to walk on a leash before they become full-grown this will create less bodily stress as you train your Cane Corso to walk.

Make sure you are properly trained and educated before you take your dog on a walk, as this will drastically decrease the risk of injury or escape.


If your dog is a strong puller then the narrow collars must not be used by any measures, these collars can cause damage to your Cane Corso’s vertebrae or trachea. Often times, this damage can be permanent.


Important qualities in your new Dog Collar?



Which of the above styles you choose is going to depend on the factors you are looking for in a collar or harness for your pet.

Below are a few important elements of a good dog collar:

  • Durability: It is important that any collar you select for your dog is durable. Dogs like the Cane Corso can be extremely rough on their collars. Buying one that can withstand the energy of a breed with aggressive tendencies will keep your dog safe and save you from buying a new collar once a month.
  • Easy On and Off: It can be frustrating to put on your dog’s collar. Purchasing on that is easy to put on will save you and your dog time. By the same token, a collar or harness that is easy to remove can be just as valuable. The trick is finding a collar that is only east to remove intentionally, as you never want your dog’s collar or harness to slip off unexpectedly.


Best Collars and Leashes for a Cane Corso

Any collar or harness meeting the above specifications would be a great option for your Cane Corso. The important thing is that you select a harness that meets the unique needs of you and your pet.

For over 10 years we have raised Cane Corso mastiffs. We were always challenged when making a choice with dog collars since most of the collars we bought were destroyed within days or weeks. We decided to have what we considered to be the finest made dog collars in the world. After years of testing and designs, we partnered with world-renowned Artisan leather makers and began Roman Dog Collars.

Below is a beautiful leather two-layer saddle grade dog leash made by Artisan Leather Maker Roman Dog Collars. This strong durable leash is made of 100% saddle grade Italian leather. It is capable of withstanding up to 600 pounds of pressure and more than enough strength for the most powerful Cane Corso Mastiff. The buckle is made of a solid strong brass that adds strength and beauty.

Get 15% off any order of this beautiful leash with the coupon code sanroccocanecorso

Order your Cane Corso Dog Leash here

american flag dog leash

Below is a beautiful dog collar to match this designer durable leash. I own two of these dog collars made over two years ago and they are still very strong and used daily. They are made of a double layer of strong leather and very strong alloy. Take 15% off your order by using coupon code ‘sanroccocanecorso’, 

Order your Large Breed Dog Collar from Roman Dog Collars.

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