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We currently have a litter coming soon!


Our Cane Corso Puppies come from direct lines from Italy.
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cane corso puppies for sale




The photos below are puppies that have been adopted.


. cane corso breeder blue  



Puppies below are from a previous litter and not available




Male Show/Breed Prospect from Princess X Rico, going to the Shah family in Virginia. He is 6 weeks old in this photo we took. (see below)



“San Rocco’s Revenge Is Mine” when she was a puppy standing on a rock in our yard.

san rocco cane corso pup    



Please note the above puppies from a previous litter have been reserved.   Here is a video of a reserved litter – 
These puppies have all been reserved.




  Our Cane Corso Puppies are considered on an individual basis with all our prospective clients. We consider different factors when providing a joyful new addition. Our main goal is to make sure the puppy goes to a household with lots of care and love

.black puppy


Above is a previous female Cane Corso puppy from San Rocco she is at her home in Los Angeles.  

At San Rocco  Cane Corso, it is not only our passion to produce the finest Cane Corso tempered puppies, it is a part of us. We are the grandchildren of Italian American immigrants who came from the area in Puglia, where the Cane Corso were bred back from near extinction. We know first hand, how this dog played an integral part of Southern Italian history.

We have a pure passion for the Cane Corso, our history, culture and tradition go hand in hand with this exceptional breed. Our goal is to produce the Best Italian Mastiffs available. Our traditional socialization program produces an amazing Cane Corso Puppy, one geared perfectly for family life. Our methodology was partially adopted by ancient Monks who still utilized this program today. We  invite you to enjoy this breed as we  do. This is our  hobby, our passion and our love.

“Possiate godere del Cane Corso“.


San Rocco Cane Corso Family

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