Is Purina Dog Food Good?

Is Purina Dog Food Good?

Bottom line is you be the judge, I am just here to report some of the extensive research I have done on the internet. If you have visited my site or my facebook you already know my answer, here is the dog food I use, and here are the dog supplements I use.

I am always amazed at how the massive pet food companies are so good at denying and sicknesses dogs get from their food even before they do any research on the situation. As many of you may know I remember the days many many years ago (about 10) when I would purchased dog food that was cheap, I would buy for my pitbull at the time the walmart brand dog food with the first ingredient as corn. After many skin allergies I switched to a good no grain food and it was gone in weeks. I still do not understand why anyone would ever give their dogs corn, especially the kind we put in our dog foods since its GMO junk.

The articles tells us an Ohio woman contacted this news channel after her dog died. She thinks something was wrong with her dog’s food, and she’s not the only one. This consumer investigator discovered hundreds of dog owners have filed complaints about Purina Beneful.

“We waited for the test results and stayed with Mazey the whole time, and when they came back it was just not good news,” said Carissa Dority, of Cortland, Ohio.

She said…..”Dority is from one of two families that have contacted me after their dogs died. They believe Beneful had something to do with their dogs’ deaths.”

I talked to the Food and Drug Administration about this. The FDA is aware of the complaints, but hasn’t found a contaminant, so the dog food remains on the shelf.

Carissa and Scott Dority shared their story with me. They have loving memories of their 2 1/2 year old English Mastiff, named Mazey.

“I’ve never had a dog that would just come and bury her head in your lap because she loved you so much,” said Carissa.

In January, Scott picked up a big bag of Purina Beneful. A week later, Mazey started acting a little off. The following week she began throwing up.

“It seemed like there was really something wrong and I was really getting worried,” said Carissa.

At the vet, Mazey’s condition continued to deteriorate.

“They said that it was poison. It looked like she had drank antifreeze,” said Scott.

But the Doritys say the only thing that had changed was Mazey’s food. Their vet suspected aflatoxins that can come from moldy grains, including corn. Two days later, there was nothing more the vet could do.

“Her kidneys and liver were shutting down and there was no coming home for her,” said Carissa, fighting back tears.

That evening, they filed complaints with the Department of Consumer Affairs, the FDA and Purina. After reviewing the vet’s findings, the FDA began looking into Mazey’s death.

Scott took Mazey’s body to the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Center for Animal Diseases in Columbus for a necropsy, and sent samples of Beneful to the FDA.

“We assumed that you could go to the store and you could purchase any bag of dog food and your pet would be okay,” said Carissa.

If you look on the Consumer Affairs website, you will see over 400 complaints of dogs getting sick or dying after eating Beneful. Some may read this article and say oh its from 2013 who cares? I say if this is true then dogs died from this food in 2013 and the owners must live with this for the rest of their life. Bottom line is invest in your dog and buy a good food!

Here is a link to the article.


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