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THE FINEST CANE CORSO PUPPIES - I am a Professional Dog Trainer. For many years, I have served my community at training dogs in my spare time, most of the time without compensation. My joy comes from seeing a family keep a dog who had a behavioral issue that has been fixed. I always get back more from my trainees than I give, and truly enjoy what I do. As an A.K.C. approved Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, I am authorized to teach and test for the S.T.A.R. Puppy program, as well as the CGC and the AKC Community Canine. This program expands on CGC skills and lays the beginning foundation for obedience, rally and therapy dog work. On my spare time I test at parks, or at AKC dog shows for CGC. One of our goals in socialization, is to structure the early learning program to increase loyalty, intellectual development, as well as strong bonding with their new owners. All of our Cane Corso puppies for sale are treated with the same meticulous care to prepare them for years of family enjoyment. We accept a few puppies per year for our optional puppy training program.

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THE FINEST BLOODLINES IN THE WORLD - The majority of our Cane Corsos are imported from some of the finest kennels in Europe, in particular one who has won the most World Dog shows than any breeder in the world. Why do we do this when there are plenty of Cane Corsos in America? Its simply our preference, we feel with the increased regulations like mandatory registration of pure breed dogs, and DNA tests, this helps ensures stricter breeding programs and singles out the dogs who should and should not be breeding with more clarity. I find it's also a great excuse to travel to Europe when choosing Cane Corso puppies for sale, from one of our selected breeders.

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NATURAL APPROACH TO RAISING A PUPPY We strongly believe in providing our pups the best diet possible, we only serve them holistic food, free of corn, soy, wheat, animal byproducts, artificial ingredients, preservatives, or dyes. We feel many studies are overlooked as big business continues to influence many choices people make in their dogs diet. We feel a great diet, along with lots of human love is the best start a puppy can have. If you are planning on having a member of your family for many years, don't you think its important to choose your puppy wisely?


BEFORE YOU OWN - Prior to any purchase, you should be aware that the Italian Mastiff is truly a dog that wants human interaction. An outdoor kennel dog who rarely interacts with their owner, is not an option. If you are not able to provide the proper care and environment, we will not consider you as a buyer. Unlike some other hunting breeds, the Corso loves human companionship, more than any other activity. The many roles they have adopted over history has made them a dog breed that has worn many 'hats' in their work. They are versatile, strong and agile. Our dogs are not over-sized, as some you may see. We follow the FCI standard, used long before the Americans ever discovered this breed. Before choosing any Cane Corso puppies, one must have some understanding of this breed. Though highly intelligent and easy to train, they require a firm owner who is ready to take charge. I sometimes joke that some of my dogs think they are lap dogs, however, a big lap may be required. I often get emails on a daily basis asking me about behavioral questions that I am happy to address. So, please keep those emails coming! One question that is often asked is: "Do I ship puppies." Though I have some basic shipping information on my website, I have yet to ever ship a single puppy! I have not done so yet. The last time I was faced with the possibility of air shipping, I decided to drive the pup to Florida myself, rather than ship. The dogs are not my full time job, I am a dog owner first and foremost, and a Cane Corso breeder second. Therefore, I do not agree with shipping via air, and have no interest in adding to the stress of these wonderful animals. Please do not try to offer me extra money to ship via Plane, as the answer will be, No. Remember, your pet will be your best friend for many years to come, therefore, start your life off with them properly, even if it means a long drive to pick them up! After all, what's a day of driving, for a lifetime of love? If your wondering where we live...We are located in Virginia, and are a stone throw away from Maryland, West Virginia, Pa., and Washington D.C. When I go home to visit New York City, it takes me about 4 1/2 hours, New Jersey in many cases is as close as 3 hours, and the North Carolina border is about the same. We have had happy customers adopt from most states on the east coast. The furthest person to pickup was from Latin America, many have driven to pickup from as far as Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Fl. and North Carolina, Illinois, just to name a few. We thank all of those loving homes who have adopted from us.

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THE TEMPERAMENT PROCESS - Passion, Culture, Commitment We are a premier Cane Corso breeder hobby breeder and have no interest in 'over breeding' or 'in breeding'. Our sole purpose is to better the breed. Our Cane Corso puppies are carefully socialized with children and adults from birth. As a family, we want to give as much love to our dogs as possible. For this reason, we have limited ourselves to owning fewer Cane Corso's, of higher standards. We feel less is more. We are against the concept of mass producing dogs, as though they are assembly line cars. We are sad to sometimes see dogs spend their lives in small kennels, without human love, which often lead to bad breeding and bad temperaments. Our dogs sleep in our home, and spend much of their time with family and friends. Our Corsi learn their place in the family hierarchy and are very happy as our canine companions. This happiness is passed along to the betterment of their offspring during breeding. "We follow a strict agenda of socialization that begins from day one". We work hard to produce the finest Italian Mastiffs, using proven social methodologies. Our three young children are instrumental in our social program, to be sure our puppies are well acquainted and will acclimate nicely to families with young children. Our goal in our hobby breeding program is to create, 'The finest Italian Mastiff', not only by appearance, but most importantly, the ultimate well tempered family campanion.


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WE ARE CURRENTLY TAKING DEPOSITS ON OUR UPCOMING LITTERS. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE CONSIDERED FOR OUR WAITING LIST, PLEASE VIEW OUR CANE CORSO PUPPIES FOR SALE PAGE, YOU ARE WELCOME TO FILL OUT OUR APPLICATION. Fee is $500.00 to reserve a puppy, please do not send payment until your application has been approved. The deposit is not refundable, however, if you prefer, you can carry your deposit to the next litter. By Submitting a payment, you agree to our Contract Terms.

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