Shipping Your Cane Corso


Shipping Your Cane Corso


To this day we have not shipped a puppy, I have not been able to get myself to ship. We may consider to the right family, however we are fine to keep our record of shipping at zero.

Our clients always fly in or drive to get their pup.The furthest someone has come to pick up their Puppy was Honduras. Many people tell us they can actually save money by picking their puppy up, rather than shipping. In most cases, you can get a discount airline ticket for less than it costs to ship a pup in the USA. If you reserve 15-30 days in advance you can save a significant amount of money, and its less stressful on the pup, and you.  You can ride with the pup right under your seat in the cabin in a mesh dog carriers. But most of all, we feel it’s important (when making a long term commitment) that you meet your pup’s breeder, and parents.

We have at least one or two people fly in for each litter. We have also had families fly in from other countries to pick up their pup.

Everyone typically flies into Dulles International Airport.  In some cases we can meet you at the Airport if you are in a rush.

When making your reservation, tell the airline you will be flying with your pet, which will be under 20 lbs, and you can use the mesh carriers and put the pup right under your seat in the cabin.  We will make sure you have all health information for your pup to fly on the plane.

Be sure to check with your airline as to their guidelines.  Tell them you will be traveling with your pet when you place your reservation, and that it will be under 20 lbs and will fit under your seat as a carry-on. Some charge extra for this, some don’t.

Flying with puppy: When making reservation, mention you are flying with your pet, 8 week old pup, will have health certificate, and the weight is under 20 lbs. Order the airline approved mesh carrier for pets that fits under the airline seat. Or any Petco/Petsmart should carry this type of bag. Get one large enough to fit a 15-20 lb puppy, to be safe. They can assist you in choosing the correct bag!

Carry with you:  towels, baby wipes, pet toys, bottled water.


shipping your cane corso




It is important that until your puppy has all his or her shots to not expose them to other pets.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 1-347-749-3180, we also post info on our Youtube and Twitter channel so be sure to join.





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